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  1. As part of a upgrade to both my current microphone and desk/room, I wanting to get a *much* better microphone that is least likely to pickup my keyboard (mic and keyboard right now are a razer deathstalker (wanting to replace it with a cynosa) and a digitech computer mic from jaycar). looking at what's available locally and nationally, I notice that JBHiFi has a Stadium USBKIT Microphone pack for $148 AUD, and amazon has a similar kit for $90 (plus $20 shipping). From either previous experience or just general knowlegde about the two, what one do you think I should get as an upgrade?
  2. As the title suggest, is there anyway to combine two different hard drive disks into one without losing any data on them?
  3. I've been wondering on how I can adjust the sensitivity of the RGB when I have music playing. When i adjust the volume of itunes, the brightness decreases and the the effects are noticeable but I prefer if the brightness was set to max instead but still have noticeable effects.
  4. I'm just about wrapped up in building my PC, I only need to replace the cooler (which will be a ma410m) and get the (a)rgb sorted (power,data,n/a,ground), but I know not what hub to get for the lighting. The case I have is a mb530p which comes three pre-installed fan argb fans connected via splitter, and recently I've added 2xmf140s and a mf120 to top and rear (no lighting so far). I'll probably need a splitter for them two as the rear argb connector is too short. If so, that'll just be about 4 cables I need to connect (1(1x3) front splitter, 1(1x3) back splitter, and (hopefully just) two cpu fans). I've been looking around for some hubs to get for this but can't really decided due to a lack of reviews/information. I was going to get the Cooler Master Masterfan ARGB/PWM hub, but when I saw the motherboard header on the hub, I notice that it was a two pin connector on it so I don't know of whether to buy it or not as I' not sure if it's compatible with my mobo (b450 pro gaming carbon ac)(silly i know but like i said lack of information). another hub i'm looking at is the silverstone lsb02 which is pricier but may still be necessary. any other suggestions are most welcome. Sidenote: I plan on controlling the lighting and such via software (mystic light).
  5. Just out of curiosity, is it possible/safe to hardline bend tubes that are already installed with a heatgun/hair dryer?
  6. heya, i've recently discovered that my current power supply wouldn't be good enough (and potentially dangerous) with my setup + the gpu im planning to buy. my current build is: Ryzen 5 2600 MSI B450 Pro Gaming Carbon AC 16gb Delta 3200MHz CM MB530p CM MWE 550W 80+ White MSI Aero GTX 1660 Super OC ITX seeing how im in the land down under and going for a budget psu (<$85), im in need of recommendations of what psu to get. so far imma thinking: Cooler Master MWE Series 650W 80 Plus Bronze Thermaltake Litepower RGB 550W Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W Thermaltake Litepower Gen 2 650W Thermaltake Smart BX1 650W 80 Plus Bronze Non Modular Power Supply NOTE* these are all from centrecom as i dont like to pay for shipping unless it's needed.
  7. Why is that exactly? MSI recommended PSU is at least 450W.
  8. Hey, currently Centrecom is currently having a Boxing day sale and included are the Gigabyte RX 590 Rev 2.0 ($289) Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super ITX ($330) MSI Aero GTX 1660 Super ITX ($339) So with mainly temps on my mind, is it worth getting either 1660 Supers or stick with 590? NOTE: I got a CM MWE White 80+ 550W PSU inside a ATX case, so while it may be considerable for the 1660 it might pose a problem for 590.
  9. actually we do (thx for making me aware of this) and there's a 1060 6GB for $275, so probably thinking of throwing that in the fight against the others?
  10. I could if I wasn't in Australia haha
  11. Im using Cooler Master MWE V2 550W 80 Plus
  12. EDIT: ROG STRIX is $300 so worth it?
  13. just found a Gigabyte RX 590 for $289 AUD so would it be better than what I already listed?
  14. Hey all, wanting to upgrade from my shitty salvage GT 610 to a RX 580 with a budget of ~$300. Now I'm not sure about what exact card to get coz of mixed reviews and such but I think I gotten it down to this: ASUS DUAL OC 8G MSI Armour 8GB OC XFX GTS
  15. so i just gotten my CM MWE 550W 80+ PSU and was looking through both the PSU manual and mobo manual (b450 pro gaming carbon ac), and notice that whilst the 24-pin connector doesn't have a pin in the ~20th slot, the manual for the mobo say that should be a 'Res' pin on the connector. Will the mobo still operate without said pin when plugged and power or will I have to spend for a different psu/mobo?