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  1. so which Netgear routers I should get from eBay or amazon to get the highest wifi speed that is close to 900 mbps ? ac 1900 ac 2300 ac 1750 ,? should I change to arris modem and get cat 8 cable ? should I get the Netgear routers R7600 R7000 nighthawk ? what is the max download and upload speed possible with DOCSIS 3.0 ? should I forget about DOCSIS 3.1 and just be happy getting DOCSIS 3.0 ? I wish if there is a way that Linus would make a video about it or comment on us !
  2. I am in a 2 bedroom apartment, I tried to use xfinity compatible modem got it refurbished from amazon CM1000 ( Netgear) . I am measuring it by performing Speedtest.net test , also using DNS as I am using it wirelessly though iPhone XS and MacBook pro ( all ac capable) I have been at a college campus before and achieved 900 mbps download ( wirelessly !!) so why can't I have that at home ?
  3. I have 1 Gb Internet from Xfinity . when connecting though wi-fi I never get 1000 Mbps. also got the tp-link ac 1900 a9 and it was disappointing! it only gave me like 250 mbps max !!! I currently have there XB6-T (Xfi) modem/router combo but it still give me 440 mbps nothing near 1000. IS THERE ANY routers out there that I can connect to my Netgear CM1000 so I can get close to 1000 mpbs download speed though wifi !!?? I appreciate your answers in advanceI appreciate your answers in advance IMG_1349.HEIC IMG_1348.HEIC