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  1. The video about this went up today: RIPPED-OFF on Ebay AGAIN! - Intel "Black Ops" CPU
  2. Awesome.. Can you test the actual power draw and temps with your cooling solution? I would love to run 2x of these if I thought my board could do it.
  3. Just wondering if you had gotten this and tested it yet?
  4. Video about this coming? Assuming they're really a thing? I'd love to know the actual power draw on these..
  5. I really want to buy one of these just because of it's name.
  6. From what little I can find, I am reasonably sure that they are legit. Take a look at the seller's other items and it seems they are selling decommissioned servers and industrial equipment. I doubt the vrms on my board could handle it, but any x79 based board that had any kind of overclocking headroom should have enough power to run one. The seller had another auction where they were trying to sell them in a pair, and in that auction they had a pic of the bios screen. 2x INTEL BLACKOPS 6 CORE 4.60GHz 2011 Socket Engineering Sample CPU A19
  7. From what I can tell from what little is on the web about these, they were designed for low latency applications for the stock market. I still wonder how they would compare to something more modern.
  8. I had to register here just to share this. I came across these on another forum and was just curious if anyone had heard of them...it seems these have a TDP of 250w! I have a Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 dual socket 2011, but I have my doubts as to whether the vrm's could keep up with these CPU's, not to mention the cooling that would be needed. I think these might need a video... and NO I am NOT the seller. Intel Blackops 6Core 4.60GHz 250W 2011 Socket Engineering Sample CPU A-19