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  1. I miss-type the price (I used the currency of my country)
  2. A gaming Laptop, I will also use it for Data Science and Machine Learning. It´s a Sager Np-9176
  3. Hi, I'm creating this post to know how secure is buying a laptop from Xotic PC. I will spend a big amount of money in a Sager gaming laptop and I want to know from someone's else experience about the customer service they have and how secure is to pay like $1,800 with a debit card to avoid losing all that money. I've also read a few posts before where people mention they took like 6 weeks to deliver the laptop, and I would like to know if this happend to anyone to decide if I would have to buy it a few weeks earlier to get it in december 11th-18th
  4. Hi, I'm into the process of buying a gaming laptop from Xotic PC (Sager NP9176). I would like to save some money and buy it without an operating system. I would like to know: How could I install the operator system? I'm thinking I'll buy a Windows License Key from gvgmall and install it by myself. I would like to know if anyone who reads this post could recommend me a video tutorial for this procedure.