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  1. no but when i start pc it changes to all colors but if open the gigabyte programm it sets on one colour whichbi cant change in any
  2. how fast is your download speed for examble cod is 116 gb and i have 50 mb/s that will i think tkae about 5-6 hours are you in that range to or am i really fast or slow with that
  3. d ooyu also had the problem that you apply a colour but the led remains the same? RGB fusin.2.0
  4. kiki1911

    no display

    hello guys so when i first booted no signal. in the end i used an other monitor to install windows. than i could use my new monitor but i dont have the asrock splash screen. when i press the key to boot no screen or when i force bios from windows "shift" now i want to get to bios because to reinstall windows oh and by the way you have the option to deinstall windows but than i also dont get a display and i have to force turn down pc to start windows again normal. anyone had same experiece that a minitor needs windows to find signal.
  5. can someone explain why on the mousepad my mouse is lagging hard but on this black mate all smooth
  6. motheboard dosnt have leds but cpu fan rans gpu fan case fan and gpu led
  7. realised it to know it has a sticker for 3000 so it must be something else
  8. ibdid thqt already but do you know guys if amazon updates the b450 motherbpard for ryzen 3000
  9. ah sorry i was trying if the motherboard would make signal but i tried both
  10. can you see my mistake? what i checked is are all cables fully in the ram tthe cable to monitor