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  1. Is it really that bad? It's been fine for past year or two I've been using it.
  2. It's a Evo Labs pentium p4, idk if that's a known brand or anything about it's reliability but it worked fine with my old setup. (I3 6100, GTX 1050ti, 8gb RAM)
  3. I've recently brought a Ryzen 5 2600x to upgrade my pc, along with that I got a new mobo (gigabyte 320m-h) with an 8 - pin atx socket on the top left. The problem is the PSU I have only has a 4 - pin connector for CPU power. I'm also running a GTX 1050ti off the mobo power as it has no PCI power sockets. the question is can I just use the 4 pin and have the system boot? If so where exactly do I plug it in?
  4. Tried it, didn't work but there's now a new error. That normally means progress.
  5. I'm running windows 10, latest update as of 21/09/2019, and i'm trying to reboot OBS because I can't seem to get my capture card to work. It keeps coming up with the "OBS is already running" warning, and it's in task manager but I can't close it there. I've even tried taskkill in CMD but it apparently doesn't exist. Can someone help?