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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks everybody for your help!!! Special thanks to you for finding that, I would've bought 2666 for all slots!
  2. Hello everyone, so I'm a bit of a tech noob, but quick to learn and understand. I need help figuring out what would be the best way to go regardless of budget for a gaming MSI laptop I have recently purchased to replace my 8 year old Acer. The laptop has 4 slots for RAM. Here's a link, I don't understand half of the stuff there. https://www.notebookcheck.net/MSI-GT63-Titan-8RG-046-i7-8750H-GTX-1080-FHD-Laptop-Review.312842.0.html So would I do better with 4x8GB or 2x16gb? Should I look for even a larger upgrade in the future like 4X16GB? Is that even worth it?