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    Gaming, bodybuilding, cooking, vacation
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    We all have the ability to turn a self portrait into a masterpiece


  • CPU
    i7 6700k & i7 9750
  • Motherboard
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    16GB PC - 8GB laptop
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 PC - RTX 2070 laptop
  • Case
    Corsair Air 540
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    500GB SSD
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    ASUS PG279q
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    Cooler Master Masterliquid Pro 240mm
  1. I reset the network adapter through cmd. 1. Open as admin; write Netsh Winsock /reset 2. Go to router website and change the channel of the connection you're on. 3. Mine were Channel 12 and I changed it to 100(DFS) 4. Rebooted the router and my computer Fixed.
  2. A wired connection is fine, no problems at all. Fast and smooth, World of Warcraft has a normal latency, so does Counter Strike, and I am able to connect to the match making servers. I have already reinstalled drivers through windows and through intel,didnt work. I know(I think) the laptop itself does not have a problem with wifi, if it did, Rising Storm 2 would not work just fine.....? Thanks!
  3. Hi there!I have run into some problems with my ASUS G731GW.When I am playing World of Warcraft my latency is between 1k-5k. (Can't play)The game will disconnect me with BLZ51901016 = My computer does not meet the requirement or have an unstable connection.(RTX 2070 i7 9750 100/100mbit (wifi) 100%/100 strength/range)My two other laptops have no problem and my PC is also fine on wifi.CSGO I cant browse community servers or connect to the match making servers, even join a deathmatch.Rising storm 2 Vietnam: Just fine no problems at all ( Which is why I didnt went to buy a cable )I have tried reinstalling the drivers and resetting/reinstalling through Windows.I updated the BIOS to 306 (The newest)I haven't tried cable because i dont have one long enough and because it can not be a permanent solution, the router is hidden in the ceiling.Bonus question: My lightning around the computer has stopped working and I cant find a way to turn it on,not through Aura or Armoury. What is going on here?Thanks for taking your time!
  4. Did you try and run a health test on the ssd/hdd? I would say that something might be wrong with your drives. I had 2 MacBooks at the office that acted some what like yours, some programs were OK but others not at all. The entire computer had been very very slow, the laptops were replaced but I got the SSDs and I tried them out in my own laptop - One dead and one working, but some times crashing. But i cant really tell - If you have a friend with an extra SSD/HDD i suggest that you try those.
  5. I dont know what went wrong but I managed to fix it. All through windows store. Thanks to Master Disaster for assisting me. 1: MyAsus *Windows Store* 2: ASUS Keyboard hotkeys UAP/Driver *Windows Store* 3: Go to https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ROG-Strix-SCAR-III/HelpDesk_Download/ find the file in the picture I included in this answer 4: Armoury Crate and rebooted. *Windows Store* 5: Reboot and things should be working perfectly.
  6. #3 I have already done that. I tried downloading from the bottom of each section and up. As well as the newest versions
  7. I'll buy WoW game time or another game to the GOD who fixes my computer
  8. Hi there! I just received my new gaming laptop and I have run into some problems with the software, Armoury Crate. ROG G731GW-EV094 SCAR III. I received the laptop without OS so i installed Win10 Pro, and its working just fine. However, the Armoury crate does not work correctly, I tried following the steps on ASUS driver website but without luck, I tried reinstalling windows to do it again with a fresh install, without luck.. I cant control the fans, game/profile settings, lightning and *It takes a few seconds for the app to start loading - Once loaded only "Highlights" show up on the menu tap, no other settings or tabs.* https://gyazo.com/b8b42471a38867465f0b5f847c8cab13 Thanks a lot! Best Regards z1ce