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  1. Aqbowker

    LOS Internet

    They have plan's to update their tower 7 years from now which is why I'm looking for a solution
  2. Aqbowker

    LOS Internet

    1st post, thought this forum could be best to help me. I have LOS internet (Line of Sight), I live in a slightly rural area. Comcast doesn't support my area and hasn't attempted support at all. I was wondering if there were other options you would suggest please enlighten me. i get 500-900 kb/s download speeds on steam so i end up leaving my pc on overnight just to download a game. I use google WiFi mesh networking with my PC wired into one of the hot spots. I'm open to all options you assume could give me faster than 1 mb/s speeds. Help me LTT Forum, you're my only hope!