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  1. Good luck on your build! How it turns out just how you want it.
  2. Are you asking this because you have something going on that makes you think the cord is bad or because you want to know if your PSU comes with a cord? If it’s because of the latter, if the PSU is new, then it will come with it and, unless you bought a used one from the worst seller on the planet, then even a used one should have that included.
  3. Since we don't know how many hit the market today, it is hard to forecast the resell market, but if things play out similar to say the 3900x, that market seemed to stabilize around six weeks or so until it started to hit the bottom around right before the presumed "3950x Launch Date" was back in September. When it didn't launch, there was a sharp bump in prices as people who were waiting for the 3950x began to go back after the 3900x. Since I don't see anything like that occurring for the 3950x and drawing on a some years of going the resell route of eBay, Amazon 3rd Party Sellers, etc, I would look for the 3950x resell market to stabilize around the same time the 3900x did (assuming there is a similar demand to supply ratio that there was for the 3900x.) I have preferred the eBay route myself for resell market purchases given their buyer protections but more importantly their ability to allow for price negotiations that sites like Amazon and some others lack. You can sometimes shave a decent amount off simply by doing that and knowing what the market has been like over a set period of time. I would keep my eyes out on Amazon since not all 3rd Party Resellers are scammers on there, and they have decent protections for buyers (at least that has been my experience.) Sites like Facebook Marketplace has always made me a little nervous because lack of real buyer protections and lack of an easy way to really assess the seller (at least that has been my perception.) There are some Reddit sites like HardwareSwap that seems to have a pretty good community, and I have heard good things about HardwareSwap myself. I have not tried it yet, but I would not hesitate to purchase there since they do have a de facto feedback system that is not unlike a cruder form of eBay feedback. At least this allows you to investigate the seller a bit before pulling the trigger and does help you make a more informed choice about who you are buying from and the potential risk of being scammed.
  4. Quick search shows that the cheapest Buy It Now on there is $1200 USD with all the others falling in the mid to upper $1K range. Got about three timed ones on there but they all have a decent amount of time and all but one have hit the $1K mark already, so it will be interesting to see where they settle. I would not be surprised to see them go for mid $1K range when the auctions end given the lack of live auctions right now. If money is no option, then you might want to try to jump on the cheaper Buy It Now option (of course, you still want to do your homework to see if the seller seems reputable, etc since I certainly didn't check it out.) Otherwise, I would think that if you wait a week or so, the resell market should stabilize somewhat once people who plan to sell finally put them all out and some of the feeding frenzy slows down. Right now, I expect resell prices on sites like eBay or even Amazon to be quite volatile until that happens. Those sky high prices won't start to lower until you get some real live auction feedback, so you can essentially approach some of these sellers on sites that allow it and negotiate a little by saying that you see they are selling for $x.00 instead of right now where it is absolutely anybody's guess just how high people are willing to go.
  5. Saw some on eBay earlier today. Huge markup on them though. Two for $1800 USD Buy It Now and one live auction already at $1000 USD, if I recall correctly. My advice is to just keep checking all the sites. I might have lucked into one out of sheer dumb luck (or divine intervention.) I got an order to go through on Amazon during a very, very brief window by following the link from AMD's reseller page, which launched my Amazon app, and let me add it to the cart and complete the order. Now that very same link doesn't even show you can add it to your cart. Not going to celebrate just yet though since I have been a victim of the old Amazon "I'm sorry. We ended up not having enough stock to fill your order so we canceled it" routine before. If it does work out though, it will be just like the PS3 (except a tad more expensive.) In the end though, I wouldn't pay $1800 for a $750 processor. Once the initial wave of "I will buy anything no matter the cost" goes by, they will come back down into a much smaller markup (if the pattern of the 3900x holds for the 3950x.) And I slept very soundly after staying up for hours playing Resistance that night. lol Hey, they can't all turn out to be gems lol
  6. In all honesty, it is not like launch shortages are unheard of. Who remembers the great Wii and PS3 shortages (or virtually any home console launch shortage back in the day?) The Switch was the most recent example in non-PC tech and that was not long ago at all. PC tech is certainly not immune and has its own examples as well (ex: 3900x.) I'm was hoping that supply would be more robust and not just enough that a listing gets nuked within seconds, but I'm not really surprised. In addition to the normal demands outstripping production (which everybody saw coming,) you have the fact that there is also a production choke point too that is out of AMD's control like everyone else has mentioned. Hopefully, it will not take too long to recover from it. If it does though, just going to have to wait like we used to have to in the old days. Either that, or you just get lucky like I did with my PS3. Walked into Wal-Mart, saw one of those fat launch systems in the case, heard a boy trying to get his Mom to buy it, I grabbed an employee, bought that bad boy, and crushed that little kid's dreams without remorse as I checked it out. It may have been cruel, but I still slept like a baby that night. The "I want it and demand it be delivered now" mentality that Amazon and others have helped cultivate in society has spoiled us all. If you really just cannot wait or you are afraid that you will never get one, there is always eBay and the almighty price gouge. Now that I have sounded like the old geezer who says how great the good old days were, please excuse me while I walk outside barefoot in waist deep snow to tell kids to get off my lawn.
  7. It is perfectly understandable. I only knew about it because of my 3900x. I didn’t look at the 3600x, so I also stand corrected that not all of the new Ryzen processors come with the Wraith Prism.
  8. The newest stock Wraith Prism coolers use that type of mount, so all the new Ryzen processors with stock coolers use it. https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/cpu-cooler-solution
  9. I agree with that. If they can indeed prove that Apple knew about and even encouraged this, it would be hard to say that they suffered any damages up until the point that they delivered explicit notice that they no longer consented to let them do it. Paid or not, it’s kind of hard to say that they were damaged during a time where it sounds like they were openly courting this company, knowingly let them do what they were doing, encouraged it, and may only be suing now since a deal didn’t develop. With all that being said, it’s very likely this won’t even see the courts. There’s no way this company has a war chest as deep as Apple’s. They can drag this on forever until they grind the company into dust. It’s like @Ehmc130 said, they should have sold out instead of resisting a buyout (if that is what indeed happened,) especially when their business model revolved around doing something that required them to stay in Apple’s good graces to do.
  10. Sweet build! Really like the looks. You did a great job!
  11. You can download Ryzen Master and do it in Windows. As far as BIOS OC for your particular board, I am not familiar with your board, so I can't help you there. Ryzen Master though is the way to go if you have really never done overclocking before. It uses a GUI interface and is simple to use. Just go into Ryzen Master, pick a profile (you can use the default Creator profile to keep all cores active, then you can see at the top of the profile the option to do either PBO or Auto OC.
  12. That looks like a very nice build! It looks very clean.
  13. Finger tight is always a good rule of thumb if you are unsure, as long as you can actually screw it in enough for the screw to do its job. Looking at a pic of your case, it looks like the panel is held on by 4 thumb screws in the corners. If that is the case, finger tight is the way to go.
  14. I just got mine in and is very nice. Picked that up and a Swacket, so I should be set for a bit. Glad that you got the order to go through. On another note though, since time is not of the essence, you might want to reach out to your bank. They may have a simple procedure that you can follow like my bank does just in case something like this happens again.