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  1. My budget for CPU motherboard combo is $100, which is more than enough for the HP Z220 combo including 8GB Ram I can go somewhat above that, for faster ram and ssd. And since I'm going for already used parts, so do keep that in mind while recommending.
  2. Note: This is my first post, so if there are any mistakes, apologies I'm looking to build a pc for Adobe After Effects projects which do most of the time, and I want a good mix of gaming experience for esports titles like Dota 2, CS GO and fortnite. What Stuff I already Have: -GTX 1050Ti 4GB OC (Not Willing to upgrade the GPU) -AMD Phenom ii X4 (older CPU, DDR3, bottlenecking my GPU most of the time, Want to upgrade it) Builds I'm confused between: So basically, being limited on the budget, and looking around the local market here, since amazon and ebay isn't an option in my location. I've come up with following combos to go with my GPU -HP Z220 Desktop Xeon E3-1225 v2 (No Hyperthreading) 16GB Ram (Normal Speed) I was thinking of getting this machine and putting in a E3-1240 v2 from AliExpress to go with the build as the motherboard supports it. -CUSTOM BUILDS i7 3770 16GB Ram (Not Sure about the Speed) Not Sure about the mobo -ANOTHER ONE i5 4th gen overclockable with a decent board with a possible i7 4th gen upgrade in the future 16GB Ram (Again not sure about the speed) I need recommendations about: as mentioned, mainly focusing on after effects. I need a recommendation on combo of motherboard cpu and ram, not latest builds, an older used build to go good with my budget and provide me with good performance as well.