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  1. or use this video from youtube showing everything clearly on how to do it
  2. but linus did it with two i9 9900k in his minecraft server video
  3. but linus did with two i9 9900k is his minecraft sever video. how he did it
  4. you can download the windows xp .iso file from:- https://isoriver.com/windows-xp-iso-download/ and then burn it to usb using rufus
  5. ok. is the rtx 2070 super value for the price. i need it for ray tracing performance or can i stick with rtx 2060
  6. ohh sorry ..... i was talking about the evga rtx 2060 ko which has the 2080 die as gamers nexus made a video on it
  7. The evga rtx 2060 ko is the same die as rtx 2080 but with some cores locked so if we flash a rtx 2080 bios to the rtx 2060 then can unlock the cores and make it a rtx 2080
  8. i have two 3600x and two msi b450 tomahawk max and i wonder if i could combined them both as one cpu like the x79 dual socket but in two motherboards.