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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently facing an issue on this wifi card that i bought it few days ago, while i'm using my computer halfway, I notice the wifi logo at the taskbar will go grey and back to full bar every few minutes, and sometimes the adapter will just fully shut itself down and I've to right click the wifi and troubleshoot the problem for it to have the "resetting wireless network adapter" to come back online. I've tried googling and I've not seen any fixes or solution at all... My previous wireless adapter (Archer T9E) have no such issue until I've switched to pce-ac88. I've downloaded the latest drivers for my wireless card and my windows is up to date, uninstalled previous wireless adapter, and still no fix to it. I tried changing around the pcie slots as well but no luck. Edit : There's no actual time interval on when the adapter will shut itself down, sometimes i can go online up to 2-4 hours, sometimes 30 minutes. The longest i've stayed online is 4 hours as of now