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  1. oh thats nice dude, and nice rigs
  2. ok yeah ill try that too, thanks also how did you get started with pi?
  3. yeah ive tried that before through um some nvidia game optimising program but it only seemed to stop it for a short period like a week or so then it kept crashing
  4. I really want to get a Raspberry Pi so I would like to try that one out but I dont know if it would be too complex to setup.
  5. my router has a usb port but will it be able to be accessible over cloud from another network?
  6. Oh ok, I need it just for some basic file transferring over network.
  7. Hello, What is the best and cheapest NAS which has to be cloud accessible and around 2 TB. Thanks.
  8. Hello, i've got a HP gaming laptop which its graphics card, nvidia GeForce gtx 950M, keeps crashing and it also says a driver wasn't installed correctly which it calls "system"? I don't know hwat to do of if these are similar problems. Thanks.