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  1. Ahci was already configured but for some reason I get errors when installing chipset drivers. This pc is really driving me crazy
  2. I tried to install the new x570 chipset drivers for my 3600x, but all I get is an error stating: „Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified location exists and is writable“. Already tried clearing the temp folders, restarting explorer.exe, running dism „Checkhealth“, „scanhealth“ and „restore health“ comands. I ran everything as admin and all of the involved folders are writable. Uninstalling the old drivers didn‘t help either.
  3. Newly built tower. Randomly stopped going into sleep mode about 2 week's ago. It's my first build and completely lost where to start. I'll begin with what I have. Rog maximus XI formula mb. I7 9700k. Asus GeForce rtx 2070. Corsair h60 aio. Asus tuf gaming VG27AQ monitor.  I'll go into detail what's going on. Had tower built for about a month. Started doing OC just prior to this happening. It started with the tower randomly waking but the monitor stayed in sleep. But you cannot wake it by mouse or kb movements. Would have to do a hard reset. Now the computer does not go into sleep but monitor still does. Still have ro hard reset to get access to computer. I've tried hooking monitor to laptop to see if I could replicate but it wakes with that. I'm using an hdmi cable and do not have a dp cable. Any ideas on what's happening? Please and tyvm for your help

  4. So I tried crystaldiskinfo and mark and the hard drives seem to be fine
  5. But how come there were no such issues on my old build?
  6. Here are my specs since I forgot them in my rage. amd 3600x rtx 2070 super 16gb 3200 cl15 ram x570 aorus elite samsung 256gb 850 evo WD black 1tb hdd xfx 850W powersupply
  7. No, programs and OS are all on the ssd and the hdd for storage is pretty much new
  8. Yes I did a fresh install. I tried a lot of common troubleshooting. I even paid a technician, but he pinned it on the freshly released hardware...
  9. I really can‘t handle this pc anymore. Changed my fully working 3570k for an amd 3600x and this thing works like an old laptop from the 90s. First I had an b450 tomahawk max. With this I had graphics drivers not working and boot issues. So I changed to a x570 aorus elite. Had the usual amd boost issues, but also problems with long boot and shut-down times. So I updated my bios. Now windows explorer takes minutes to load any folder and the taskbar is sooo slow to respond. Boot times improved by 5secs, but now it takes 5min to shut down. Also the processors now boosts even lower. And trough all this time there is a persistent chance of my pc freezing randomly no matter the workload. I‘m really thinking about throwing this thing in the trash and buying a shitty laptop and giving up on all this pc stuff...
  10. I built a new pc a few weeks back. I noticed, that my pc would freeze randomly. Sometimes it would happen once in a few days, sometimes a couple times a day. Sometimes it freezes at startup, but more often like an hour in. It also doesn‘t freeze completely every time. Sometimes it just gets very sluggish, moving the cursor a few cm and then freezing again. No matter if I’m doing something or just idling on the desktop. Rebooting usually solves the problem. Taskmanager doesn‘t show any heavy load when it happens. But a few times the processor clocked down to something around 0,5ghz and stayed there, but usually this isn‘t the case. I tried turning off xmp with no effect, but I have no clue what could be the cause. Also when I try to update my chipset drivers I get an error. I didn‘t update my bios, because it worked for a couple of weeks very well and the newest amd bios already bricked a motherboard I used before. But I would still update it if some of you think that‘s causing the problem. my system: amd 3600x rtx 2070 super 16gb 3200 cl15 ram x570 aorus elite samsung 256gb 850 evo WD black 1tb hdd xfx 850W powersupply
  11. I know it‘s all new and this, but other brands also make it work. And I just can‘t rely on hope and luck, that my pc will work someday
  12. Could be, but I found a whole forum site with people with the same problem they had since release. Also my issues started at random 2 weeks after I built the pc. And I‘m on the newest bios.
  13. Nevermind. Just read it has a 1,3 vcore limit. Thats not even enough for pbo
  14. From a hardware standpoint I‘m very happy with the tomahawk max, but I don‘t want to risk it with another msi board. Is the Aorus b450 pro a good choice in that regard?
  15. So I bought a msi b450 tomahawk max for my 3600x. It‘s a very good equipped board for around 110$, but it seems there is a severe problem with the bios that causes problems during boot and with graphics drivers. From what I have read on forums about this board, msi seems to have no intentions to solve this, since the problem has been there for several bios versions. I‘m now looking for a similar Atx-motherboard with decent vrm‘s and audio thats not from msi. Any suggestions?