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  1. Hello! I had woken up to my tablet/2-in-1 frozen on a BSOD. Stop code: MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION It's stuck at 0% complete. Will somebody please help?
  2. Hello, I seem to have encountered a problem, My RCA CAMBIO 10.1" windows 10 home edition 2-in-1 tablet has just pulled a black screen on me, here are the steps to recreate it, 1. Make sure you're signed into an account with admin privileges. 2. Press win+a to attempt to bring up the action center. 3. Swipe left with finger 3 times. 4. Shut down the tablet with power button. 5 Turn on tablet. 6. Sign-in to the same account. Now you have the black screen! This is the best info I can get you Ctrl+alt+del still works, that I the only way I can get the task manager up, or log out of my account. What do I do now? Thanks in advance!