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  1. What do you mean "redecorated"?
  2. What was the latest thing you did to improve your living place? I just set the heating system. The next step is the kitchen replacement
  3. My latest money spending is my investment into IT future, I've got some additional for my business. It was necessary to use crm if I wanted to expand my little business. And I decided to find good well-known crm. EspoCRM was the first choice of mine for this purpose. And now me and my employees are totally satisfied with the decision
  4. It's getting harder to shave beard without safety razor. I can say even more - it's almost impossible for me. I have too much hair and when I shave it on my own I often make cuts. Unfortunately
  5. Yeah I use it. But more often I used to visit parlor to shave my beard. For example recently I visited one place and also got 40% sitewide there. It's much more comfortable then shaving on my own.
  6. It was some kind of important house-keeping additional. It's air conditioning and heating system. Carson HVAC. The good news is that it is easy to install a new system
  7. Coding would be quite hard for young students I suppose. I think you should start streaming podcasts about tech as someone had already told.
  8. First of all find money. Without money all yours ideas are useless. After that you need to make a plan how to realize your start-up project
  9. It seems to be a cycling or wood working maybe
  10. I am waiting for my purchase. It's a new walkie-talkie. I am sure there are a lot of people who like mountain walks and I am one of them. After my last walk when I lost my friend I realized all importance of communication during such a trips so I decided to take some kind of communication device and after checking few reviews at thebestwalkietalkies.com I choose motorola walkie-talkie for that. Hope I would not be lost anymore