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    I5-2500k @4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z68-ud4
  • RAM
    Corsair 2x4gb 1866Mhz ddr3
  • GPU
    Evga Gtx 760
  • Case
    Antec DF-85
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    2TB Seagate barracuda 7200rpm
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    Xfx 1250w

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  1. I'm kind of torn in answering your question. I had a similar dilemma when I purchased my 3600 and was checking different builds aswell as benchmark results and the 3600 does beat the 2700 in gaming as the extra cores are not yet useful. I went with a 3600 and my friend a 2600 and to be honest there was no real noticeable difference. I in no way regret my purchase and find that in terms of future proofing I'm glad ingot the 3600 but had there been a larger price difference would've been just as happy with the 2600. I would reccomend something in the range of a 1070 or 1080 as a gpu if you do want that higher refresh rate and with the latest rtx cards you can get those on the cheap.
  2. It would be a great combo however it's a 500$ combo in canada.
  3. I'm looking for boards with 2 m.2 slots aswell as intel lan with possible wifi. I did not see any boards in the same price range with bios flashback and my other criteria besides gigabyte which uses a different vrm setup on the lower tier boards.
  4. I agree however it is a 38% price increase for 15% performance. I'm just wondering how much I "need" the performance if my 2500k can almost handle my current use. I'm telling myself newer architecture plus hyperthreading and 2 more cores should handle it just fine?
  5. I was planning on upgrading my current system to a ryzen 3600 on an x570 board. This morning I see a pretty decent sale on a 2600x under 200$ brand new and the b450 motherboards are also cheaper with a decent vrm. Looking at the b450 pro carbon. For those who have either cpu would you pay 90$ more for a 3600 from a 2600x? For those running a 2600x are you able to run 3600mhz ram at the ideal 2:1 ratio with the infinity fabric on a pro carbon? (My research was all learned towards the 3600) I use my current system for gaming mostly the rest will obviously be handled as my current rig can support it. Total savings would be almost 150$. I'm trying to see it's worth it or the 3600 has way more features. Thanks!!
  6. I am looking to get this motherboard : https://www.gigabyte.com/ca/Motherboard/B450-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10#kf It has a the features I want at a great price. Does anyone have or know of a 3600mhz ram kit that will run at that speed. The specs say 3200 but I have heard whispers of that changing with bios updates. I already have my R5 3600. I do plan to do a light overclock if need be. Have the voltage settings been changed since the release as I have seen that the max bios overclock has been around 4.2ghz with the vrms still at an acceptable temperature? I know the hybrid vrms are not the best but this is an "if need be" overclock. Thank you all!!!