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  1. I have booted in safe mode and experienced no artifacts. With no drivers I also experience no artifacts. This would mean its a driver problem, right?
  2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers on my new pc five times for the gpu. On some games I play for hours with no artifacts, will others I get them almost immediately, any help would be appreciated, here’s a picture of the type of artifact. My gpu is a new rx 570 from powercolor.
  3. That's interesting, I know it wasn't that important but thanks for answering my question.
  4. So lets say a game that could use large multicore processers, would also be able to utilize the dual cpus?
  5. I'm not planning on getting a dual socket motherboard and using it in the near future. But I was wondering if two lesser cpus could measure up to one better one? I know it will get better workstation performance, but that doesn't always mean better gaming. I guess what I'm asking is can games even utilize to cpus or will they just use one by default?
  6. Thanks, I'll try it out. Luckily through some more troubleshooting only get artifacts when I'm watching a video and browsing discord, it's not great but it's better then before.
  7. After rolling back drivers, switching pcie slots, benchmarking it, my rx 570 reddevil still artifacts in my browser and on discord, but this artifacting doesn't appear in games or benchmarks. Anything would help, I just want to know why my card isn't working.
  8. would trying a different card in the my pc also work?
  9. Would I tick the box in DDU that says remove AMD for drive C or the main system drive?
  10. I was told that before too, switched the slots but it didn't get better or worse.
  11. How would I install older ones, would I run ddu to remove the new ones then search for older ones to install?
  12. Before my current gpu a had a hd 6870 to boot it off of because the rx 570 hadn't come yet, I ddu'd the drivers and have installed the newest ones 19.9.3. The 570 is new off of amazon.
  13. I made a post about a week back about how my newly built computer was artifacting. I was given a solution and I thought it fixed it, it only made it so that I wouldn't get artifacts during games. I get artifacts when I use a browser or discord, but never when I run a benchmark or game. Spes Xeon 1660 v2 600w psu Rx 570 Reddevil 32gb of ddr3 ecc registered I am just wondering if this is a driver problem or a hardware one.
  14. Thanks, I only have a RX 570 plugged in so I think it should be fine.
  15. I've had the system running without it in, is it okay to leave it unplugged?