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  1. Don't forget IKEA and their Markus. it fits your description (I uses it without the arm rests)
  2. noyo87

    python ide

    Already answered, but just to enforce. PyCharm is a beast. Can't beat it. If you learn to use it and its advanced features, you will rock Python!
  3. This is not a valid argument. Every languages have a lot of quirks in it. Just take the C language, it have a awful lot of undefined behavior from its spec. Still, it's a very good language for low level stuff and the whole Linux Kernel is made of it. I can give you a lot of wtf examples from Java, Php, Python, C, C++, Kotlin, Js, Ts ...etc. No language is perfect. Engineering is about trade-offs. edit: just for Python https://github.com/satwikkansal/wtfpython
  4. @amitjoshi I would say it depends on your personal objectives and career plans. Both Js and Python are great languages and safe to invest learning them. I consider Python a more general purpose programming language, learning it might help you grasp more about computer science. Js on the other hand is fast moving language as it's the only language that runs in browser (excluding all languages that compiles to webassembly). It's community is incredibly active and the tools for JS are incredible. Working with NPM is great, working with Virtual Environment for python is mess. Python and JavaScript/NodeJs uses two different concurrency models (pep-0583 vs Event Loop) that make NodeJS more efficient for backend/server applications because IO are quick and almost always non blocking. CPython (the default implementation of Python) suffers from bad design (cf. Global Interpreter Lock). In general Python is really appreciated and common within the scientist community. Jupyter Notebooks is a very cool tools. If you want to learn general purpose computer science, I believe Python would give you better experience and learning material. If you want to make web or server apps really quick, with good performance, I would recommend JS. I personally enjoy JS way more because of its tooling. Even if I miss some parts of Python (string and list manipulation). Both are great anyway
  5. noyo87

    Asus XG438Q ?

    I would say that 27 inch 4K is not what I look for. As a programmer, I want to be able to have a lot of code on the screen. having a 43" 4K provide I think the same DPI than a 27" 1440p. That's why I was looking after this one. Having a 27" 4K would require to change the scale of the UI therefore reducing it's virtual usable space.
  6. noyo87

    Asus XG438Q ?

    I would say up to 2000 CAD (tax included ~ 1300 USD before taxes), but if I can save some, I'll be happier And I'm from Canada.
  7. noyo87

    Asus XG438Q ?

    IRL I'm a Software Development Manager, so I do code, but also random management paperwork. At night, I'm a musician and gamer, I love VRR and 120Hz+. I would never go back to 1080p as I feel I have way more space with 1440p (and even two of them). I was looking for a lot of options to fit my use case. 2x27"1440p, 1440p Ultra-wide, 1440p 32:9. And then I discovered the Asus XG438Q and Acer CG437K, FreeSync, 4K, HDR.... Sounds perfect too me. Until I watched the video of Hardware Unboxed and explained that it uses a BGR pixel arrangement... which affects it's image a lot. As a programmer, that suck.I guess the Acer CG437K uses the same display and will suffer from the same issue All this make me feel: Is it THAT hard to make a good monitor? 43 inch 4K sounds very immersive and productive to me, but why did they go for BGR ? How could this has been brought as a good idea fr product design and development? The video:
  8. Yeah... same thing on amazon. Easy to find as AA, but not AAA.
  9. Even wikipedia is confusing about Lithium rechargeable AAA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AAA_battery#Use How can I get something that would fit the voltage of a AA (1.2V) and rechargeable ?
  10. @noxdeouroboros I saw both of the options you mentioned. The first one are Ni-Mh, not Lithium. So there are supposed to be heavier and lower capacity. The second is only 400mAh and I found really weird that they recharge over usb. I find this design quite suspicious and would like to avoid them.
  11. I just watched And now I'm looking for lithium rechargeable AAA batteries. I was not able to find any from Amazon, best buy. Does anybody knows where I can get some ? I'm located in Canada, Montreal. Thanks!
  12. Cable/Videotron 120Mb - South shore of Montreal
  13. At the end I think I will get the R6 or Define C as I feel it's safe I guess I will just open the front-door of the R6 when gaming to get even more airflow. Thank you for the help!
  14. Hello guys, I'm thinking about changing my display setup because it do not really fits my need, but I didn't find any good option for me on the market right now. Or maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing ? Let me explain... I'm a full time worker on the software development business. So on my daily basis, I do programming, reviewing code, managing product. For this, I like to have a quite descent pixel real estate and I enjoy WQHD(2560x1440) a lot. Having two displays is great but I was also wondering if a single ultrawide or 5120x1440 display would be better. I like programming on my personal computer (Desktop), or on my work computer (Laptop). At work, we have these new kind of displays what uses a single USB-C cable and it provide power to the laptop, has a USB hub with my mouse, keyboard, and also a second display. However, At night I'm a gamer. And I REALLY ENJOY my PG279Q for it's refresh rate and G-SYNC to enable with my GTX 1080 of my personal desktop computer. But I also feel that a 32:9 display for gaming is really overkill. I would be happy with a 16:9 or 21:9. So I would love to have one desk that allow me to use my same display(s), keyboard and mouse with every situation. Switching between both should be easy and without messing with a lot of cables or deep control menu. Here are the following options I found so far: - Dell U4919DW: Excellent connectivity what could feels ergonomics. But only 60Hz and no adaptive sync. - Samsung C49RG9: 120Hz FreeSync (GSYNC capable as reported on forums?) but no USB-C. Maybe in addition to a usb-c dock ? In the past, I tried to use a KVM but found that it was not working as great it was very expensive (Tripp-Lite, single Display Port but no g-sync, USB-3) Any other ideas/options, feedbacks or recommendation ? Thank you