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  1. I did not DDU the old ones, thank you for reminding me, The specs are as follows: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g MOBO: HP "Sunflower" Proprietary Board PSU 1 (Internal,CPU,internal storage,Mobo) HP Proprietary 180w Gold-rated PSU 2(GPU) Bestec ATX-250-12z RAM: 1x8gb 2666mhz 1x4gb Samsung 2666mhz (The system is a prebuilt, I cant give part numbers rn) GPU:RX 580
  2. Vega 8 APU, and no, i did not.
  3. Ive been having driver problems after i upgraded to my Rx 580, fortnite when launched, will work for a couple minutes, then my system gives a black/white/static screen, and nothing happens until i hit the power button. anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?
  4. Hi, I am having trouble with RX 580 drivers, When ever i launch Fortnite it will work for about 5 min then crash, I´ve tried multiple drivers, used DDU, and i feel like ive tried everything. can someone please hint me in the right direction for this?
  5. Also I got my system to work, it wasnt the psu, also i left it under load for a bit, it never went super hot, and i could play forza, fortnite, Project Cars, etc, on max settings,
  6. Thats why im gonna buy a Corsair or thermal take PSU off amazon, this only has to last 1 day without breaking, I know they are absolute garabge.
  7. I know. Im going to buy a decent PSU soon.
  8. Does anyone have a safe undervoltage for the RX 580? i need to underclock a bit to not blow up my sketchy PSU
  9. hehe, im surprised it didnt blow up. the psu isnt certified in any way i believe.
  10. HI,I have a GPU that will crash if i do anything other than open chrome or do basic work on my desktop, i know the power supply is to blame, would it be a good idea to under clock my GPU so it doesnt crash? or just use My APU for now until I get a new PSU
  11. The PSU is 250 watts, it is a Bestec ATX-250-12z. I use a AmazonBasics HDMI to VGA Cable. Im going to try another PSU that i have tonight, Itś another Bestec, This time 300w.
  12. No. I bought it at Micro Center and they said they tested it and it worked, so I trusted them, found out the power supply was absolute crap, im probably just gonna buy a 80+ Bronze one from rosewill or EVGA
  13. I did, there were some settings about the pcie rail, i enabled them and the card ran, found out the PSU was the problem
  14. I have, but nothing shows up on the display