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  1. So I have the above CPU and it's over clock at 4.4ghz and 1.3875v on ryzen master. I have YouTube X2 open and cpuid and also my misses is watching Plex from my server. Value temp goes from 33c to max 47c is that normal?
  2. ok found out why i have 2 kits both 16gb all same spec bandwidth, module parts everything including voltages and timings execpt the dram manufacture is different 1 is sk hynix and the other is samsung so im guessing thats the problem
  3. Hi I have 32gb Corsair vengeance lpx red ram it's 3200 but I've overclock to 3333 i tried overclocking to 3400 and 3600 as my CPU is 3900x but it restarts 3 times and goes back to 2133 so I enable xmp and goes to 3200 Any suggestions on getting it to 3600 I have increase v to 1.40 then 1.45 then 1.5 then nothing works
  4. Hi this is currently my build in picture as you can see I have Corsair lpx ram at 3200mhz speeds and soon I'll be getting 3700x I've been told 3600mhz is sweet spot, is it easy to overclock this ram to 3600mhz?
  5. Hi just got new asrock Taichi x570 and looks awesome but I have a question. I put in power and RGB comes up so I fitted in my you to see if it lights up but when I press power button nothing happens to gpu no lights or fans going. My GPU is 5700xt red devil. Also tried CPU power but I dont thave CPU yet I stil even tried ram and nothing not even s error code that part doesn't even light up brighter does the reset and power button. Is it because no cpu I've seen people doing it without CPU but that was on different board
  6. Hi im bulding a pc andim using the Cooler Master mc500mt which is great as i love the look of it and stuff but what i dont like is it doesnt come with a psu shroud so i can hide the cables is there accessories that i can get that fits this case? thanks
  7. Hi I'm buying asrock Taichi motherboard it's a great board. I'm looking to buy lpx red 16gb 3200mhz cl16. Reason for this is because my build is red white and black but can I over click the ram to 3600mhz? Bare in mind this build is minimal RGB. Thanks
  8. No other issues and the bt engineer sorted wiring here and at the box, here are my details
  9. Ok I'm from the UK and the company I use is BT and unlike USA we dont use modems, only routers which we get with our packages, but with these routers you cant priorities connections basically can't control my internet so was wondering if a 3rd party router like nighthawk I can change the priority of what connections I want to assign them. I get roughly between 65 to 80 download and always 20 upload. For example black ops 4 it shows ping and bandwidth every few seconds my ping will go from 20 to 300 plus and bandwidth goes up and down. It's not just cod it's all games
  10. Oh and bandwidth goes from 4200 to 3k and even lower, BT have been out and sorted wiring and still the same
  11. Every time she doesn't watch TV or Firestick feels great and smooth but as soon as she watches stuff lag
  12. Hi I have smart by hub so ISP provided hub. So every night I play games and my partner watches Netflix and Amazon video but each time she watches them my games lag like hell. My internet is 80 down and 20up. Is there a router I can use to control how much internet goes where and such? Im willing to spend £100 to £200 on router