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  1. As the title "suggests", I am looking at moving away from my Corsair K63 (link) to a lower profile. The sound, speed, and pressure of the Cherry MX Red switches are nice, but the K63 is simply just "very tall." I catch myself straining to grab num keys 1-4 deep into an online battle to swap to the battle ending kill shot from my secondary. The height of the keys are simply too tall, and my fingers trip over themselves like a 13 week old Doberman. Anyways, I am looking for possibly a good membrane, or lo-pro mechanical (Not looking in the $200+ range) if y'all could help!? Thx x100000
  2. Either can do that, correct?
  3. BTW, thank you so much for replying and helping.
  4. The devices primary need is internet access (for employees to view status via cloud), but no LAN access (no need to communicate to other devices). The initial setup here (before I came here) was to add them to their own VLAN to accomplish the goal.
  5. In this case, I can connect this switch to the unmanaged switch to give it access to the network. Now that this Dell is connected to the network (which means internet access) but does the unmanaged switch prevent VLAN's?
  6. All I've done is reset to factory, assigned static IP to switch, created VLAN 35 (literally just create it and named it) and assigned port 1 to VLAN 35 and trunked it. I am not used to the GUI of this Dell, and the CLI commands I've used are not working on this firmware. I think I am just doing everything wrong, and need to go back through technically.
  7. Having some novice issues with VLAN config on a Dell X10XX series switch. Here is my scenario... The switch is placed in a cabinet that will supply internet access to two ports for our maintenance equipment, but I want to set them on a VLAN in order to keep them seperated from our other machines. That switch is supplied via SFP port from another switch. Here is the issue, I have a duplicate switch on my desk that I am testing before I copy config and upload to switch in room (room is very hot/humid) I place gi1/0/1 port on VLAN 35, and I have no internet access. The test switch is connected to the network along with 2 PC's for testing and they both have internet access on all other ports, but if I plug a PC to that port 1, there is no internet access, I can't ping the switch via the PC directly connected, nor can I ping google. What small step am I missing?
  8. No need, there are tons of desktop 1G+ switches for less than $20.
  9. You COULD remove the wall plates and inspect the already existing coaxial cable (given that cable is not being used, and is near the existing router) and see if you can potentially tie an ethernet cable on one end and pull the cable through, and you'll have a cable run and no need for adapters. Then you can purchase one of these bad boys. Or, you can just run a cable.
  10. Naterr

    Windows UPGRADE

  11. Naterr

    Windows UPGRADE

    May want to try another section.
  12. Naterr

    i need help

    Okay, lets start with the basics. How many devices are connected to the router, and how are they connected?
  13. Okay, bro. There are multiple answers here. What is the reason for ethernet, slow wireless speeds?
  14. I've actually never ordered from Ali. Do you trust it? Is it similar to Wish/Geek?