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  1. Alright thanks for helping, ill stick with the g502
  2. I personally don't mind heavyness, I just want something that lasts. Question, I heard the scroll wheel sucks, and it has double clicking issues. How has it been for you?
  3. I saw they had a ton of problems with weak casing and stuff falling through the holes. I am looking and it seems the g502 is pretty reliable, might try that
  4. Title says it all, is there a mouse under 50 that has Good QC and is reliable? Every mouse I've seen so far has reviews on terrible QC and some other bad stuff, and I want to get something that won't break after a year. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. If you couldnt afford it get the normal 2600
  6. Yes, but get the 3600, not the other options.
  7. It ain't too bad, but you have to buy that, a r3000 series processor, and their bios upgrade kit to get the bios upgraded before shipping. Why not try get a b450 tomahawk instead?
  8. In addition to what @Boyohansaid, remember to get a b450 (or whatever else, what's your mobo budget?) with a Bios flash.
  9. Pretty much same story as 3600 and 3600x imo
  10. I mean, you could, but I think that the 3600x isn't worth the extra over the 3600