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  1. Had a duh moment. Would a usb c to display port cable be more simple and better?
  2. Thunderbolt? No. It has a usb c, I believe. Not sure if it's the tb3/usb ones.
  3. Alright, I have a MSI Z390 GODLIKE. As you know it doesn't have any video ports. Would it make sense to simply buy a USB to DP/HDMI adapter and would it work? To explain a bit more, I have a dual monitor setup with a 2080TI. I game and stream sometimes (don't have my streaming boost plugged in though). The common issue I have after trying all the fixes is that when I play a game on my main monitor (xg2701 144hz 27inch) and watch a video or the stream playback on my second monitor (xg2401 144hz 24 inch) it will stutter whatever monitor I'm not active in. So if I'm in the game, the chrome playback will hitch, and if I'm in chrome, the game will drop to 20 fps. I thought about dual dedicated video cards, but I researched that it didn't work because it'll split my 16 lanes to 8 lanes which will defeat the purpose. I've already tried fixes like setting nvidia for both monitors to use GPU or turning hardware acceleration off in my browser. What I did read that works is setting your alternate programs (chrome in this case) to use the Integrated GPU, but that leads me back to the fact that my motherboard doesn't have any video output. So that leads me to the USB to DP/hdmi option. I would assume since my monitors are 144hz, it would be better to get a USB to DP over the hdmi, or one that does both. I'm just curious if this idea makes sense given my situation, since buying a different motherboard or paying for originpc to switch it out with another (which would be only a hdmi) is too much of a hassle. Also, if it does make sense, does anyone know of any reputable adapters for that. Longevity and good quality. Oh, and second monitor is for 1920x1080p viewing of videos and watching playback from twitch to make sure it's smooth.