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  1. Is it safe to clean a laptop’s heat sink, CPU, and GPU with 99% isopropyl alcohol?
  2. Is it worth to upgrade from i3 2310m to i7 2620m. Can this upgrade improve my laptops lifespan.
  3. I dont have enough sata, i am planning to use molex to sata, only for my dvd rom. It is safe. Thanks for reply.
  4. I am planning to use this card for ssd and hdd and for transfering data from my home server.
  5. Hi guys i now using a SSD with onboard sata 2 controler. And i just wonder can i buy and put external sata 3 card. I am asking this because this motherboards has limited upgradebility. Did someone do this if it is be free to comment. Thanks for help:)