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  1. Hello, This is going to be a long explanation, but it's needed, so please bare with me. My company is currently dealing with a very strange and significant problem. You see, our parent company pushed down skype for business on us (for windows desktops), replacing our classic phone devices with voip through skype for business. That got installed last week and aside a few minor issues and glitches, that works fine. We have a 2 trap system, where the 2 employees on the bottom floor get inbound calls first and if those 2 are occupied or don't answer in 20 seconds, the call gets pushed to everybody else at the office. That's how we intended it to work and it did just that, but than we ran into a big issue. One of the features we were eager to try out, was call forwarding to our cell phones should we be away from our desks. So installed the skype for business app on one of our employee's phone. Although it did forward it correctly, we were running into issues where only that phone, once the phone calls went from the bottom floor to the second one, would receive inbound calls. So we removed the app to avoid disrupting the normal work flow. Only, that cell phone would keep receiving the inbound phone calls even with the skype for business app removed. This is what happens exactly: should the employees on the bottom floor be occupied/unable to answer the call and the call gets then pushed to the second floor, the employees on the second floor would get a pop on their windows desktop screens that there's a call, but only for a brief moment, before it say "call answered by employee X", employee X being the one who we originally installed the app on his cell phone, who does not have the app anymore, but keeps getting the calls anyhow. He does not answer the call at all yet on his collegues skype desktop programs it simply tells us he answered the call, making the rest unable to pick up that call! This issue does not present itself for collegues calling one another. This is of course a huge problem, because should that employee not be available, nobody is able to answer that call effectively. It effectively forces him to forego his normal daily tasks to keep tabs on his cell phone. We asked our parent company's IT department for help, but... well they have not shown the most intellect in this case and wasted half a day even just to be able to get into direct contact with them. We did a search on this issue and found this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ae/help/3145650/mobile-phone-number-receives-incoming-calls-after-the-simultaneously-r Since we had not a single clue, not even a warning in the app, that we had to logout in the app before removing it, else we get to deal with a orphaned registration on the front end server, it's really lamentable that we got into this situation. My question is as follows: does anybody had to deal with this issue before, and is there maybe a solution that does not involve having to wait 15 days to have this problem fixed?
  2. Oh that is the exact same card I have in one of my pc's! That card is extremely overclockable, and in normal conditions the factory overclock should not be giving any issues whatsoever. I am not sure if it is the riser cable, but try it out regardless. Keeping the amount of variables low as possible is always a good thing during trouble shooting. If it still happens, last resort would be to put the card in a friend's pc and see if the same crash occurs. It's likely something on the card is causing this. A resistor/capacitor getting too hot or something. Unfortunaly that is out of my ball park. The card might still run fine during gaming; Unigine Heaven is quite taxing on the card; you might not experience issues during gaming.
  3. Did you overclock the GPU? Maybe it is crashing due not getting enough power. Try to raise the voltage a tiny bit and see if that gets it stable. Do not change anything else for now. Not sure if you are using the 1060 or the 570; the 1060 isn't known for having systematic issues. Maybe try to reseat the card too. It could be the thermal paste too; maybe a small part of the card gets extremely hot. Not sure which exact 1060 6gb you have, but it shouldn't be too much a hassle to replace the paste.
  4. That looks very clean; I'd keep using that PSU. Just be sure to put nothing too taxing in your system. Maybe blow out the little bit of dust too. But like others said: no bulged capacitors, no corrosion on the PCB, nothing that even looks out of the ordinary. At the end of the day, it is an electric device. It can always fail, but in reality this PSU should be safe to use for some more years. Maybe try to run the PSU outside the PC case to check if the fan spins normally and decently. I can't possibly imagine that being a problem, but if it gives you further assurance, I'd do that as well. If you are going to overclock, get a power meter plug to check on wattage. Make sure you aren't pushing close to the rated max wattage of the psu.
  5. If you are asking if most 3000 series cards will be consuming more than the 2080Ti specifically, the answer would highly likely be no.
  6. Either your CPU is thermal throttling, something broke in it or you are indeed running too many background programs. Though I assume you have looked into the latter yourself. You said you replaced the GPU's thermal paste. Did you do the same for the CPU? The GPU is not the problem here; your CPU is bottlenecking the GPU.
  7. Hello, I got my dad a new phone. Lovely device, but we hit an issue: if his phone is in standby for a little while, so without the screen on, whatsapp stops receiving messages. The messages will not be received until he opens up whatsapp. Now, after that if he closes the phone and messages are being send shortly after, those messages will be received. But, if the phone is closed for like 15 minutes it will stop receiving again. So I don't immediately know what's going on. Is there some setting that turns off wifi or whatsapp while in standby?
  8. The notion about IPC was learnful! Thanks about that. I guess I didn't hear about since the manufacturers aren't too keen on releasing those numbers
  9. I did that for kicks and giggles. It beats a similarily clocked 3770k by a healthy margin in Cinebench R15. See the video for the 3770k: I also have to correct myself, it's not a 5650 (which has 12 cores), but a 5675. My CPU got, with a clockspeed of 4375Mhz in the bios, task manager and CPU-Z, on the multi-core test 923 points 970 points (I did a.second test with more time after booting) The single core score is 127, which does get soundly beaten by the 3770k. Unfortunaly it gets heavily beaten by an AMD Ryzen 2 3600, which at 4200Mhz clockspeed gets a 1578 score.
  10. Hmm, So there is more to the cpu just than clock speed and cores? I know it's an old cpu, but given the equal amount of cores/threads and on par clock frequency (after OC), compared to the AMD Ryzen 3600, it should be equal in performance no? The mobo however I do think is too causing a bottleneck.
  11. Hello, One of my pc's is an old system with the following specs: -Rampage III Extreme motherboard -Xeon X5650 6 cores OC'ed to 4.2Ghz -A rather unfortunate mix and match of a 3x2GB tripple channel DDR3 memory, and a single stick of 8GB memory. -A GTX 1070 Now, I know the memory setup is horrible. It works, but the mix and match will make all the stick run just in single channel. This is a trade off I choose years ago when I needed more memory above all else. However, I am starting to feel the memory is becoming a hampering factor. The memory speed is unfortunaly limited to 1000Mhz and I can't seem to get it higher due the older 3x2GB tripple channel memory. At this point the system is just too old to invest more money into what is outdated technology. I am just wondering: how much is this memory setup hampering overall gaming performance? Am I correct to state the difference is signficant compared to a new PC with similar CPU performance and the same graphics card, but with something like DDR4 3200Mhz performance?
  12. 600W is more than enough in all honesty, even if you OC the 3900x. Unless the 700W comes with some extra features. EDIT: just checked and there doesn't seem to be extra features. You should go for the 600W CM version (which is semi-modular).
  13. Is there any news on the TDP? Might be just a fetish for me, but I do like power/heat efficient cards
  14. There might still be people inclined to switch from a 2060 (super) to a 3080, which can increase amount of used 2060's on the used market and drop the price. There's like 2-4 months inbetween the xx80 and xx60, but the time table can shorten due pressure from amd.
  15. Just hang in there, prices will drop and you'll get more bang for buck. I had the GTX 960 (4GB) myself until end of last year. That card indeed still was able to run games like AC Odyssey, but as you said on very low settings. I think you squeezed the right amount of life out of the card.
  16. From a GTX 960 (I assume the 4GB version) to a RTX 2060 or higher, that's like tripple the performance? Oh you are going to enjoy that
  17. Definitely wait. Cyberpunk isn't coming out for a while and GPU prices are on the high end right now, even on the used market. Once new cards get released the market will be flooded with the 2060's, so you can take advantage of price drops then.
  18. I'd say so yeah. On some titles there might be a slight cpu bottleneck, but the i5-9300H isn't a bad cpu to begin with.
  19. use @-rascal- settings first as a baseline. If that runs stable, increase OC of frequency/mem clock in small 10Mhz steps, until either things start to crash under a Heaven Benchmark or when you see artifacts/weird stuff on the screen. Should the baseline not be stable, decrease by steps of 10Mhz.
  20. Latency is not the same as the refresh rate of your monitor, basically it represents how long it takes to get your input on the screen (excluding other bottlenecks of course). It can be helpful in competitive multiplayer gaming, but otherwise I doubt you'll ever notice the difference. What happens if you go for 1440p? In my experience that is still very wonderful on a big TV monitor, and the 2070 super should be able to run high settings 60FPS comfortably for most if not all games. Also, you can try to overclock the TV monitor to get higher refresh rate. Also, picture quality of your TV makes a huuuugeee difference. Games on my 1050Ti HPTC coupled to my Sony Bravia look way better than on my 1070 dedicated gaming PC with a Samsung 4k monitor, despite having to drop back the graphics settings quite significantly. So I'd say try things out; 1080p might still look mighty fine.
  21. What kind of games do you plan on gaming? Overall, the choice weighting towards gpu is better for gaming, but not always. Civilization for instead is highly cpu intensive
  22. Graphics cards are in a weird spot today, with prices being overall too high. If you can hold off buying one, I'd do it. A 1050Ti for 133 dollar sounds overpriced, I got mine for 80 euro's late 2018. So i really wouldn't pay that kind of money for a used one. You might find new GTX 1650's for that price or a little bit more expensive.
  23. Depending on what kind of games and at what settings, your GPU might be the bottleneck, which means the CPU is not going to be a performance differentiator (atleast not between those 2). However, going for a 3600X allows for better upgradeability. There's still some confusion around B450 boards and whether you can put in AMD Zen 3 series (new claims from AMD say you can after a bios flash), but an X570 board should allow for it. The 9600K sits on a chipset we can now effectively call end of cycle. So you can't upgrade from there to a new generation.
  24. At this point I wouldn't. Newer graphics cards will come with better suited drivers for new games. So even though a 1080 Ti will on paper out perform a lower tier new graphics card, performance ingame might be such that you are not getting your worth out of it. Also, going from a 1030 to a 1080 Ti is a very hefty upgrade. You have to consider if your CPU is up to that, as well as your PSU. Newer, lower tier cards are likely to draw less power than the 1080 Ti. Checking a second hand site for Belgium, I noticed 1080 Ti's are still going for 400 euro's. For that money it is likely Ampere will give you a better card.
  25. Just want to get quickly back on this: the price difference between the i5 and i7 dropped massively down, from 231 to 31. So that's atleast swallowable.