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  1. The 980 Ti consumes a lot more power for more or less the same performance; if he has the PSU for it and can score a good deal on a 980Ti, of course he should go ahead. But, with a 250W TDP rating chances are he'll need to get a new PSU too, and then you are better off going for an used 1070.
  2. I agree on that regarding new cards. I really don't know why they are so high right now. Last time we atleast knew what was pushing up the prices because of the bitcoin mining industry. But now that should have faded. I think the only decent price for a new nvidia card is for a 1660. That being said, you can score decent prices on second hand websites. Yes, you will have to do some hunting and haggling, but you can score good deals. You can potentially get a 1070 for the same price as a 1650.
  3. Yeah, that's what I figured. I did have a 1050 send over once; I figured for the price and given the seller had a good reputation I wouldn't be risking anything. Turned even out it was a 1050 Ti, which was a nice surprise as it was not advertised as such. Just to underline what you said: sellers are often unaware of what they even have! I'll be meeting up the guy next Tuesday to test out the card and if everything goes right, to seal the deal. I'll make a quick update then, maybe also add in some tips and tricks for others for buying second hand.
  4. Nvidia is probably a long way from the next generation of GPU's. As @Master Disaster mentioned, maybe a 2080 Ti Super, but that's just nothing more than a tweak up from what they have now. AMD is the closest to a new line up, but you might have to wait a while for maybe marginally better specs than Nvidia has right now, if at all. Just get the 2080 Ti in a few weeks. There's nothing going to come by that'll beat that. Well, unless Nvidia wants to weird us out further by introducing a RTX Titan Ti Super xD.
  5. Nice, thank you for the good advice. I did buy second hand graphic cards in the past, never got scammed, but given this is rather a higher end card with prices on second hand websites floating around the average of 250 euro's for the none-Ti version (which is ironic given you can get new 1070 cards on amazon for under 200 euro's), I want to be doubly sure. The seller looks trustworthy (and relative close to where I life), just don't want to take any chances.
  6. So I was in the market to score a second hand 1070, when I came across a second hand 150 euro's (USD 166) 1070 Ti (offered at 210 euro's, haggled down to 150). Given this isn't a scam (seller is active multiple years and has good reviews) and the card is not damaged (I will be sure to bring a USB stick along with some sort of stress test program; please give me advice on good, portable free stresstest programs!), is this a good buy? The buy still has to go down