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  1. I wouldn't go for the 3000Mhz version, and here is why: the board only supports 3000+Mhz with overclocking. Given you indicated not being very knowledgeable around hardware, I assume you want to stay away from overclocking. You CAN put in the 3000Mhz sticks and it will work, but it will run probably at 2400Mhz speeds. So I'd say save yourself a few bucks and go for sticks will lower speed. Unless you want to turn on XMP in the bios/uefi. I think that will bump up to maximum RAM speed, but someone else who knows more about that should correct me if I am wrong. Technically enabling XMP is walk in the park. Reviewing your first post, it might actually be possible your current set of RAM is actually running at 2400Mhz speeds.
  2. Thanks for the help, Lauren. I'm just going to assume this is a problem with Microsoft. The exact same issue on 2 different devices, it is going to be the app that is causing the problem. Now, it's not a critical problem. My neighbour can read everything just fine; just that the title of the mail folder is wrong. It's nothing more than a very small inconvenience, which I am sure microsoft will fix.
  3. I tried this. It did not work unfortunaly. EDIT: we backchecked on a different device. Same issue. It's a problem with microsoft.
  4. Gmail was running on the background, but it did not have this issue. I force quite it. So it really shouldn't be interfering. It's a really weird problem. If you restart the app, it works fine, but if you switch to a different app, leaving outlook running on the background, and switch back to outlook, the issue will pop up again.
  5. When reinstalling the device got automatically logged out of the outlook account, and we had to sign back in. Does that count? There are no other accounts linked to that app. I don't think there are other accounts from different apps involved.
  6. Hello, My neighbour came along today with a very bizarre issue: her outlook app on her huawei smartphone is showing 'inbox' on top of the screen regardless if she looking at her sent folder, trash folder, archive folder,... . For the record, the corresponding emails to the selected map are showing. It's just the title on top of the screen that is showing incorrect, which is a nuisance. The folder names are showing up correctly in the side menu. We tried the following already: -restarting the app -deleting the app and reinstalling the app -rebooting the device. When applying any of these solutions, the folder titles will show correctly for a little while before this issue returns. Is there a fix to this? Did anybody else encountered this?
  7. Sure. Just send me a PM or make a reply here. Can't hurt to try.
  8. I didn't pay particular interest to this. However, since I made the usb recovery stick at that moment, I assume it encompassed the latest build. Another assumption would that my mate kept his OS updated (not a far stretch really as microsoft does not allow you to turn them off by normal means). So I think they matched at the time. I honestly don't think this is going to matter if the version on the recovery drive is newer, as that will likely end up with the OS being repaired and updated. Absoiutely not booting is a bit vaguely described . I had a lot of cases across that spectrum, and that goes from a failing drive, to messed up boot records to a botched windows update: -A failing hard drive is rather simple: I don't even begin on an attempt to repair or salvage data, because I lack both knowledge and instruments for that. Me trying to do anything about that will likely result in permanent loss of data. So I usually give them the option of a 1000 euro repair job by an external firm who have airsealed rooms and spare parts to crack up a hard drive and replace broken components. Of course, I can remove the hard drive myself, build in a new one, set up the OS and their programs. That's basically Lego for adults. -Missing master boot records we already covered, though note I have only seen this once (and that is what this topic is about). -A botched windows upgrade that damages the OS beyond ability to boot, is pretty much solvable with the a recovery usb drive. It will even keep programs, registry files, and all your data. Though from experience I do know some settings do get lost. Of upmost importance however, is that your system can still detect the boot drive. The outcome will wildly vary. I think if it fails, windows will try to roll back to the version before updating. But, if critical OS files are damaged it will not boot to windows. At that point you will need to use the recovery drive. And this is again a case where you can't judge such a thing before it happens: it really depends where in the middle it crashes, which file it was replacing at that time. There's no pinpointing to that. There's no library in the world that will 100% guaranteed give the answer you seek immediately. Usually small mundane questions, you will be able to find the answer immediately by googling it. These kind of questions, it gets tricky, and will end up with just sifting through google search results until you find the answer that matches your question. Do you really believe that? Ok, you have not found the solution (yet), but in the whole process you have learned how to tackle similar problems, you have learned how to better diagnose the problem. Your problem-searching and solving skills have improved. You have learned potential solutions. Even though all that you have learned is not applicable in this particular case, it was not useless. It can always be applicable for a future case. Can you send me a picture of the error codes and other relevant things? taken with a smartphone or something like that. I'll not guarantee I will be able to solve it, but it can't hurt to try.
  9. There are people sharing it. I found my solution in this video: I don't think the issue is so much people not sharing, but actually 2 separate issues: 1) To fix a problem, you first need to understand it and ask the correct question. At first I did not know more than the bios message that no boot drive was found followed by an error code. That still give a whole range of what the problem really is and what the appropiate solution is, meaning you still have not pinpointed the underlying issue yet. That requires trial and error. I went from the error code, to windows usb repair, to command prompt (and finding out the /fixboot command did not work for me), to googling how to fix the fixboot (which I think the above solution is a workaround actually). 2) This is such a specific problem, which probably has only happened to a few thousand people in the world. Usually 0.1% of the people bothered to share the solution is good enough for everybody else, but if your starting population is already so small, it'll be more difficult to find the solution. My solution will probably not be your solution. Again these are highly specific issues, so I can only give a message of encouragement. Just don't give up. Ask yourself "am I asking the correct question?" "did I interpret the issue correctly?" etc. I also wasn't a big fan of windows 10 a couple of years ago. One of the updates just messed up a windows installation completely (the infamous may 2018 update), which should never have happened. However, since then microsoft has made massive improvements on that front. It is their best system hands down. And the fact you can just swap the OS drive to a different system and get that working perfectly fine is such a QoL improvement.
  10. Yeah, I screwed that one up. I was luckily able to undo the damage. Ultimately, I was able to have a windows recovery usb rebuild the master boot records. So my buddy now has what was promised.
  11. An update on this: I assumed the ssd had a copy of the hdd. However, I found out this wasn't the case as it unexplicably cloned the wrong drive. Luckily, I was able after pulling an all nighter (and still going) to get the os on the hdd back to working. I recovered all of the data, but had to do literally hours to find the solution to rebuild the mtr. It is an experience I never want to go through again, although knowing now what the solution is, I will never again have to in a similar situation. I am now trying to clone again, this time with software that has a better reputation. I am tired, angry, but also thrilled I perservered.
  12. No you can't. I did buy the license, so that unlocked that feature. Fingers crossed it can recover everything. I did make a backup in the meanwhile.
  13. It involves emails, settings, numerous programs he has a license to,... . I would like to do that only as a last resort. I am trying to recover the partitions through easeUS partition. I had to buy a license.
  14. So that is not a solution. The hdd's data is not accessible. The data that was cloned to the ssd is accessible. If I whipe that, I will whipe my friends data. I am sorry, but there has to be a different solution.
  15. Will this whipe data or settings? Because I absolutely want to avoid that.