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  1. I am trying 3533 and it booted now to see if it crashes
  2. I do but when I do it won’t even post after the first time
  3. It will boot now but, just resets my pc after a bit
  4. I lowered the volts to 1.3 and it booted at 3600 we’ll see if it is stable,
  5. It will post when I change it sometimes then when it goes to boot it restarts,What is docp cuz xmp won’t work
  6. I have an x570 tachi with a ryzen 7 3700x and my trident z neo F4-3600C16Q-32GTZNC won’t boot but sometimes posts at 3600 despite asrock’s web site showing they this type worked with 2/4 dimms
  7. It looks like you can’t fit all four dimms that would be trident z neo rgb at 41mm
  8. I have an x570 tachi with an msi rtx 2080 ventus and i'm going to have 4X8 (32gb) of trident z neo ddr4 and I would like to know if the cooler will fit the mobo and have enough space for the ram, also I already know it will fit my case.
  9. thanx for the quick replie