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  1. Can anyone tell me if this is normal monitor behavior? The refresh rate is jumping all over the place. I’m troubleshooting trying to find an issue with this black band that occasionally comes across the screen. Or is this a product of Gsync and unrelated to my issue? https://giphy.com/gifs/Kd0JfYauGY91m7weSQ
  2. I think I’ll RMA it since I still can and hope for the best.
  3. Hmm, right now it's set to 144hz on the OSD as well as in in its display settings.
  4. This has only happened for about a week and a half, but I have had the Asus VG249Q for a month. During game sessions, there’s an occasional black bar that briefly flashes near the top of my screen when playing games. It is more common in Minecraft, and less prevalent in games such as Control and Gears 5. I want to note that I do have G-sync enabled, and I apply v-sync on games when I play (except Minecraft, it does not have that option). I tried to replicate the issue on my other monitor, a 60hz, but so far nothing has happened. I really hope it’s not my GPU, but I’ve had it for several months longer than my monitor so I can’t imagine why. Other troubleshooting I did was trying another display port on my GPU, but the issue persists. Anyways, my guess is it's my monitor. It's just weird that it's started to happen now.
  5. The past week, my PC has been acting weird. It usually doesn't take a lot of pressure to activate a PC's power switch, and this one is no exception. The usual pressure it takes to turn on my PC in its NZXT H500 case doesn't work anymore. It requires a harder press down (not super hard, mind you, but there's a clear difference). Now, I can't figure out if this issue would be with the power switch itself, or with the motherboard. Keep in mind, I'm not very good with PCs; I had someone else help me make mine 8 months ago and I contributed where I can. Either way, there seems to be a clear issue here. Initially I thought it was my PSU, but I don't think that's the case here. If the issue is just one of cosmetics (i.e., a harder press is required but nothing vital is broken), I can wait on it and get a replacement something when this is all over. But I hope this isn't a sign of a vital component failing.
  6. I am unable to replicate the issue right now. The only connection to me seems to be that it's off for a long period of time (when I go to sleep then wake up). So I guess I'll have to check tomorrow. It seems strange to me that my MOBO would fail now. I mean, why would that just happen randomly? I enabled XMP in my BIOS recently, but it didn't cause any high temperatures. Nothing went over 40c. I also had a small surge today and I have a surge protector before I turned the PC on, but I don't recall that happening yesterday when I tried to turn it on.
  7. For the past two days, when I try to turn my PC on after turning it off for the night, the power button won't work. I press the button, it makes a little sound like it's going to turn on but doesn't. I had to unplug and plug my PC back in and press a few more times for it to work. I don't think it's the power switch because it wouldn't make that sound if it wasn't working. I've had this PSU for around 8 months - it's a Corsair RMx 650w PSU. I tested it by turning my computer off, flicking the PSU off, holding down the power switch, then flicking the switch back on and trying again and it still took a few times to turn on.i
  8. This isn’t a new build and it’s at 1.375 when I look in the BIOS, if that gives you context. I don’t know if I did anything wrong but I never tweaked it myself unless the XMP profile does something
  9. I just enabled my XMP profile today to get the advertised speeds of my RAM. I did take notice to one thing, however, and I’m not sure if it’s something to worry about or not. I probably just don’t know enough. My CPU Core Voltage is at 1.375 and on auto in my BIOS. Is this a safe/normal core voltage for my Ryzen 7 2700? I haven’t messed with anything but enabling profile 2 for the RAM. My specs: MSI B450 Tomahawk Ryzen 7 2700 (not x) DDR4-3000 RAM 2070 Super my bios : https://i.imgur.com/9fJXcDX.jpg
  10. Thanks again! I set it to the 2933 profile. Have a good day and stay safe.
  11. Hi, sorry. I should calrify. Quick question if you're still around. I readjusted my XMP profile. Does it make a difference if I have it manually set to Profile 1 at 2800Mhz and DRAM frequency of DDR4-3000 vs. Profile 2 at 2933MHz and DRAM frequency to Auto?
  12. My CPU is running a bit warmer. It was usually around 30 idle, but now it sits at 35 celcius-ish. Is this still fine and expected?
  13. It says 2133 MHz. So I changed the XMP from auto to DDR4-3000 and now it should be good!
  14. Userbenchmark says my RAM is performing below potential. I have the XMP 2.0 enabled but I got this score. Is it just that my RAM is performing as it should and other people's are a bit better or overclocked? (luck of the draw, I guess?)