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  1. Thanks you two for the replies, I went and got a Ryzen 5, new motherboard, and new case and everything is perfect now
  2. @Jurrunio And I assume my hard drive probably isn't too much of an issue?
  3. @Jurrunio So my only real option here is to upgrade the CPU as well, right?
  4. In my previous build, I had a GTX 1050TI and I could run games like GTA V on medium/low settings at around 50-60 fps. With the release of Borderlands 3, I decided it was time to buy a new graphics card so I went and got the RTX 2060. Here's where things start to confuse me. With the 1050TI, I could get around 50 fps on low (with dips in combat). After putting in the 2060, very low runs around 10fps. Additionally, GTA V now runs at about 40fps on very high settings. I checked the stats while the games were running and CPU was consistently 100%. So does this mean my CPU is getting bottlenecked? Sorry for the 'noob' questions, I've never run into this issue since I usually build PC's from scratch. Also my hard drive is real slow so idk if that has anything to do with it. TL;DR I replaced a 1050TI with a 2060 and performance is overall worse now. Am I getting bottlenecked? Specs: AMD A8-6500 APU EVGA RTX 2060 8.0 GB DDR3 Hard drive is a TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 SATA Disk Drive