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  1. I’ve triple checked everything, but nothing was unplugged.
  2. I've had my build up and running for awhile now, but always noticed my frame rate would drop in game after extended use and my game would start to tear badly. I opened my case to find out that one of the cooler retainers had broke and the cooler was just sitting on the cpu not clamped down. I replaced the cooler with a Corsair H115i Pro thinking it might come with the AM4 retainer I need. Now after replacing the cooler my Pc won't boot and is giving me debug code"3F" upon startup and switches to "60" after. I've removed all the RAM sticks and tried each slot separately, I've cleared the CMOS, removed and reinstalled the CPU, removed everything extra (HDD, GPU ect) and still having no luck. I honestly don't know what it could be as the computer was working just fine before I installed the cooler. Only think left I can think of before buying new things is to update BIOS via USB. And like I said, everything was working an hour before I changed the cooler. Mobo - MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC CPU- Ryzen 7 2700x GPU- RTX 2070 RAM- Corsair Vengeance Pro Cooler- Was the stock ryzen cooler, but changed to Corsair H115i Pro