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  1. its fixed i had to restart my computer.
  2. I cant see anything on chrome, its just black. no URL bar, no close/minimize buttons, nothing. the buttons are there because I can close chrome when I click where I think the buttons are That is my chrome
  3. Yea i want a good microphone (i have been using one lately with built in ones and have gotten to like them) but i dont mind to have a mic, but i would like it to be removable im using them with Xbox one, so having the Sony headset wouldn't work. And yea noise cancelling is nice too
  4. Whats a good pair of wireless headphones for xbox one and iphone. I am currently using lucidsound, i have tried the Astro A50 but they are crap. My favourite ones have been Turtle beach 800x but where the sound comes rubs and cut my ear. i would like a built in microphone or 1 i can fully remove And over the ear aswell
  5. Im getting a new computer and was thinking of converting my old one into a nas server My old pc specs CPU i5-4460 Motherboard Gigabyte H81M-S2H 16GB 1600mhz ram 446GB SSD (os) Widetech 650 psu This pc is about 3-4 years old and on multiple time has turned on then off without showing the start screen, so im tempted to dump this. (ill have it looked at and see if its good) i could get a new one ( if i do my price would be around $300-$500 AU) i was thinking of adding a 2 4-6TB hard drives to this and using it for work/media centre. What kinda of NAS os should i use, which one is easy? You guys have any other advice?
  6. I forgot to edit it, but im not using that psu
  7. I also heard that if a ssd goes theres a chase that the data is lost
  8. Im building a gaming/architecture computer and not sure about storage this is my build https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/what123/saved/Vs6mgs This will be use for a lot of gaming. I want something that would have space for multiple games (i like to have some strategy game installed all the time on top of a AAA game) and not sure what to get. And maybe something for backup or archiving. SSD? HDD? SSHD? Is SSHD worth it? or go with a 256mb (i heard cashe size doesnt matter) HDD or a SSD I have a 1080 that im keeping for a little longer
  9. i have a gtx 1080 in good condition
  10. I'm just about to build a new PC and i have a power supply called widetech 650w, i looked around and nobody knows it, is it good? this is my build https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/what123/saved/fYQvWZ
  11. i forgot to tell you, i have a gtx 1080 that i plan on keep for another year or so, its still in good condition
  12. Yes they are The price is a bit high for me, what would you recommend changing?
  13. how about this? https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/what123/saved/fYQvWZ what would be a cheaper board i could use?
  14. i was thinking of that to, but i just had a problem with my ssd and had it looked at by someone and thats what he recommend