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  1. there was a good priced ready build at a local store, i just don't look too much at the GPU for CSGO and it saved like 120$ than with the RX580, as for the CPU I thin that 8 cores is always better and he told me he would try and stream when not playing prof
  2. So this build is for a friend who is playing semi-pro and CSGO is CPU heavy more so than GPU when i turn on faceit-anti cheat or esea my fps dips to 150 especially on maps like Cache were i don't even go more than 250 i play on a 7980xe + rtx2080 which i don't use for gaming. My friend wants to play and get like 300fps constant
  3. Hello, so i want to build budget PC for CS GO specifically, the main topic is the GPU and CPU right now i am considering AMD 3700X with NVIDIA GTX 1650 paired with 16 GB of 2666 MHz RAM (is it worth 3200 MHz). May main goal is for my FPS drop to not go under 200. (I play on 4:3 1280:960 resolution everything low except shadows - high). If anybody has experience or thoughts on the matter please share