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  1. Hello everyone. Almost 2 years ago I decided I want to build a nice PC so I did. I enjoyed 2 years of gaming but you know, it's always good to upgrade your PC, or is it? 2 years ago I put following stuff in the PC CPU INTEL Core i5-8600K MB GIGABYTE Z370 Aorus Gaming K3 (rev. 1.0) SSD 2,5" 500GB Samsung 850 EVO HDD 1TB WD10EZEX Blue 64MB SATAIII/600 7200rpm 2RZ RAM 8GB DDR4-3000MHz CL15 Kingston Predator XMP, 2x4GB GPU Asus Dual GTX 1060 - After that I added 2x Intel NVMe 256GB SSDs and everything was just fine and I had it like that until last month. But now this is when the "FUN" starts. I sold the old RAMs and got HyperX 16 GB KIT DDR4 3200 MHz CL18 Fury Black Series. (2x8GBs) and at the same time I replaced those NVMe SSDs for a bigger ones (512GB and 1TB). I made my backup to the HDD I shut it down and I was ready to reinstall windows. So now I am doing clean Win10 install but right after i did it graphic driver isn't working - while installing in the stage of "unpacking" of this NVDIA driver here goes 7ZIP CRC error. No more info jus this. Also browsing in all browsers became intermittent - sometime there will error appear saying "oops something went wrong". I was thinking ok it's bad internet cable, I tried other cable but didn’t help. It wasn't LAN port on MB since I also tried LAN to USB adapter that also didn't help. Just in case I upgraded BIOS to newest build available, still the same. If I did ping google.com -t in CMD no "time out" error appeared even after hour of pinging so internet didn’t seem to be losing packets. I searched forums some said there is bad RAM or GPU (just a note that before reinstall and with old RAMs and SSD drives everything worked just fine and I didn't touch the GPU). Anyway, I have a friend of mine who has the exact same GPU and similar RAMs to mine. I swap GPU for his, try to install GPU driver and I got same error also same issue while browsing. I swap RAMs try to install - same error. I swap both at the same time - same error. I ran INTEL processor test from their website and everything passed. So here I go buying new MB MSI MAG Z390 TOMAHAWK. I put everything in there and reinstall windows. What happens when I try to browse? Oops something went wrong… Installing GPU driver again you ask? 7ZIP CRC error. So last piece which I cannot replace right now since I don’t have enough money is the CPU. My question to you guys is – Did you EVER had issues like this? Maybe it's easy fix, maybe it's just CPU fooling around but again, after I installed new RAMs and SSD drives this happens and CPU goes crazy? I don't know... Whatever advices you will provide or any experience that you might have would be helpful. Best regards, Frustrated gamer. P.S. If topic is not relevant I apologize. Also English isn't my first language so I apologize for any mistakes that I made.