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  1. thanks for the reply, but I dont think the seller can take the GPU Model and construct the backplate - as in, we are the ones who must tell him the dimensions, and they will simply follow. Also he did not declare of the usage of mounting holes or just sided mounting tape. Is simply putting the backplate on the GPU is not a viable option?
  2. I have a Red Devil Vega 64, tho the card is a beast, the backplate looks bland, I am thinking to buy custom made acrylic backplate to spice up the looks of my system. Anything that I should look out for before sending the measurements to the seller? Also according to my understanding, I dont need to screw in the custom backplate, just place it on top of my GPU and that's it, correct? Thanks in advance!
  3. just wanna let u guys know that the gpu is now out, thanks for your input. btw @Radium_Angel , I did force it way more than I think I should but I dont find any damage on the board or anything bad (reference on 2nd pic). Should be good, right?
  4. Have tried pulling it towards the CPU, nothing happens, just the clip becoming bent, the GPU itself didnt get released. Is there any indication of when I should stop, or should I just force through the clips?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it doesnt work. 1. Tried pushing it all the way down, no avail as it will be blocked by the motherboard. Pulling it feels like breaking it, feels like I can lift the motherboard just by pulling it. 2. All screws have been undone
  6. Looking for immediate help, I want to swap parts from my current build but now I am stuck with this. Watched thru tutorial but never stumbled upon this type of clip. Someone suggested to pull the clip to the direction of CPU Cooler but my hand are destroyed trying to do this. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. I assembled this new system but this case is a big oof. I never thought clearance for cable management on the side panel is an important factor to let things run easier. Can anyone like recommend me of what I could do to reduce the clutter or maybe make my cables more manageable, as in lighter to eyes? p.s. This case has no shroud and the side panel has a pretty large bulge. Much thanks!
  8. Indeed the seller just told me that he used the CPU as is and it ran great. I will clean the pins with isopropyl next week, but what are the risks that can come if this case is more severe?
  9. I will do this however I am a bit let-down because I waited for more than a week for this thing then I need another week to buy the alcohol online. Big time waste right there. However I messaged the seller and he declared that he used the CPU in that state no problem for 2 months because he was also afraid to touch the pins lol. But I will play it safe and let time decide this build
  10. I bought myself a used Ryzen 7 2700x last week, now only had the time to actually open the box and see the contents for myself Long story short, some pins ( around 3 or so ) sinked in old thermalpaste that the old seller applied - and I had no idea how to clean them. Here is a pic for a better clarification of the situation https://imgur.com/gallery/M88wYdK (right side of pic) Is it safe to use still or should I clean them up? Also how should I clean them? I am very afraid the pins might get bent if I were to clean those
  11. Thanks for stopping by. Seems like you are very familiar with their reviews indeed. Say, is the 8.2 out 10 score for the said Riotoro Builder 600W a good score, or what would you suggest? The score is from Jonny's site itself.
  12. I see, I am sorry if my question offended you @jonnyGURU but I have found next to no reviews about this particular PSU so I need to be extra careful. Actually glad to have you here so that my question about the PSU's reliability in the long run can be explained directly from you. Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like this PSU is a sure buy then. Other PSU such as the MasterWatt even got a lower rating than the Riotoro Builder. Thanks for stopping by. By protection testing, do you mean by power surges, or? Also, Do you by any chance do reviews yourself? I would like to expand my list on which PSU to buy for myself. *Diablotek intensifies*
  13. Hi guys, I am looking forward to buy a new PSU as mine, the one I am currently using, got itself placed in D Tier from the .new PSU Tier List. I am currently using a Xilence Performance C 500W, paired with gtx 1060 and fx 8300 3,3 Ghz. Long story short, I stumbled upon Jonnyguru's forum/ review about this one particular PSU and had interest on it. Some of those who helped me in Reddit also encouraged me to visit the site and take my time there to decide on a new PSU. It is a Riotoro Builder Edition 600W 80+ White, and overall Jonny gave the PSU a 8.2 out of 10 - and it is cheap here too in Germany. The review can be found here, although he reviewed the 500W version, not the 600W. There is no listing of this specific PSU model in the PSU Tier List, although some of the models of Riotoro is listed in Tier A and Tier B. But I know that we shouldnt judge a PSU by their brands because each model is different from each other. So my questions are ; 1) Are his reviews trustworthy, as in good for a long run? 2) Will there be any difference between the 500W and 600W PSU, as JonnyGuru only reviews the 500W version? 3) As a side note, I will attach the product's official website here. Thanks in advance.
  14. thanks for the recommendation. this site has been a very huge help to me so far. Another thing to consider, is it advisable to wait til Black Friday / Cyber Monday or grab those items immediately? I am not too familiar with PC part picker web..
  15. actually helps me a lot. I would buy my stuffs in Germany at the meantime. Sorry for late reply; was driving home.