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  1. Yeah this does look to be from way back then but kind of surprised me this morning. I just wanted to post here for that slim chance it was something new so everyone was aware. Is there anyway to combine my old account with this new one? I was able to change the pw and log into my old account. If this is not possible I'll go through the steps of deleting my old one.
  2. This is not from an email, it's a notification in LifeLocks dashboard for darkweb monitoring.
  3. Yeah I had an account way back but created a new one today with my Google account to post this. I'm not even sure if my old account with that email address is still active here.
  4. No need to bother Linus, I was just sharing. And no it's not a phishing email, this is in my actually Lifelock account dashboard for dark web monitoring.
  5. I don't even remember signing up here with that email account they notified me about.
  6. Not sure if this is a new story but was surprised nonetheless to get this notification today from lifelock.