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    Fan Hub

    Jesus I read that as "available". Sorry for your time and thanks a lot
  2. criptace

    Fan Hub

    Hello everyone , I just bought myself a Thermaltake fan hub (https://www.thermaltake.com/commander-fp-10-port-hub-for-pwm-fans.html) for my 3pin header fans. I chose this hub just for the purpose that in the future I will be upgrading to 4pin fans so I took it in consideration. My problem is that before I connected my fans into the hub they where showing in the bios and I managed to set a specific curve. Once I connected the fans via the hub they are not showing in the bios. The hub is connected to the CHA_FAN2 header and I also tried changing the header just in case. The Hub is powered via a SATA cable and then connected to the Mobo via a 4pin cable into the fan header. In the bios the CHa_FAN2 is showing that nothing is connected to it. Is there something I am missing out ? or doing something wrong ? If you need any info about my system let me know Thanks in advance