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  1. Thank you all! It ended up being software related and embarassingly for my all I had to do was turn it off and turn it back on again! By that I mean uninstall the app, delete all associated files, and then reinstall the program and then its been smooth as butter, thank you all for the help!!!
  2. I am not entirely sure how to tell that, I know in task manager is shows the CPU being utilized by 40-50%, figured it was lower than the 100% utilization on my laptop because it wasn't something that should take 100% of a 8core processor. Maybe it should be higher then 40-50%?
  3. I did yeah, the Septemeber 10th update that AMD announced (or maybe this was a rumour) that fixes the boost clock thing is not available for my motherboard yet, but it is up-to-date with the most current one on Asus's website.
  4. I edit with Filmora (Still working my way to Adobe Premier!) and I have been doing so on an Alienware 15 r3 2017. It has a: i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 (mobile) 16GB RAM @ 2400MHz 256gb NVMe m.2 ssd (which I edit off of) Nothing too fancy. When I edit, it would start to get really laggy as I add more to the timeline (cuts, B Roll, transitions etc) like unusable, but before that I could playback the clip and it'd be extremely smooth and I could hit space and it'd freeze the playhead exactly where I am at. No lagginess until later on when my timeline was filled up. Now the problem is I got a new computer as I could tell my CPU was heavily bottlenecking me during editing. New PC Specs: Ryzen 7 3700x Zotac GTX 1070 16GB Ram (was at 3000MHz until I read the "read this before you post" which said to reset all overclocks, so now it is at 2666MHz 850W PSU 120mm AIO strix b450-f motherboard Editing off a m.2 SATA 512 SSD (not nvme yet) Now I built this PC purely for light video editing, and I am trying to edit the same project I was editing on my Alienware laptop and the playhead will jump 10ms at a time (not smooth) and if I hit space it'll stop about 10ms past where I hit space at. This is with no edits on the timeline, just playing back footage. I had playback at 1/2 resolution on both, and moved it to 1/4 on my new desktop to see if that would fix the issue. Still extremely skippy. I have preview rendered and created a proxy on both systems. The footage is all 1080p. All my drivers are up to date inlcuding my BIOS (version Version 2704) and nvidia driver from Sept 10. I have no idea why it is doing this, it did the preview rendered leaps and bounds faster than my laptop did, but its extremely annoying how laggy the playhead is. Just the actual footage itself does not lag, its just the playhead on the timeline. Did I just have my expectations to high and realistically can not edit 1080p video with the ryzen 3700x and gtx 1070? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!