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  1. I solved the issue, lol by buying an asus x570 tuf wifi good price for the hardware, even got my cpu to 4.4 which i couldn't do on the x370. check it It did get a bit hot while benchmarking 80c, but 38c idle at 4.4 with 1.3225V and it benchmarked really well. Will do some cinebench.
  2. Anybody know if there is a setting in windows maybe? I disabled it in the bios but it keeps doing it.
  3. Yeah that's what i'm thinking i'm on the latest bios, this and the previous one are the only ones that work with ryzen 3000 series i tried both same issue
  4. Yes only when it hits 70c literally as soon as it does it shuts down and I have a 240mm captain 240 RGB ex v2, the temps are fine it's just it shuts down at 70c even with over temperature protection disabled in the bios only a few months old this isn't a cooling problem since a stock 3700x with a stock cooler runs much hotter. I mean my friends i7 9700k gets up to 92c while gaming..
  5. download userbenchmark and benchmark your PC it will tell you if your components are running as they should, if it says performing below expectations on one of the components then you'll know what it is. it will test everything CPU RAM GPU HDD SSD. Here is an example of just some of my components benchmarked with it.
  6. So I just upgraded my cpu form a ryzen 7 1700 to a 3700x, the 1700 never hit 70c so i'm not 100% sure if its a buggy bios or cpu, I updated to the latest bios I tried an older bios no difference I turned off the Over temp protection, once again no difference, the cpu on the other hand runs great when i manually set the voltages and speeds 4.2ghz across all cores at 1.2v, My parts Ryzen 7 3700x Asrock x370 Professional Gaming Corsair RMx 650 GTX 1080 Corsair Vengeance pro 16gb I have a water cooler temps do not go above 70c unless I use prime 95 and torture test with small FFT's or I set everything on auto the motherboard over volts it even at idle it was getting hot quick on Auto. I need help. Should I get a new mobo? or wait for an update AMD is supposed to be releasing an udpate due to bad temps and boost clocks etc. any advice will help. idle temps and temps at full load @ 4.2ghz all cores. if I set things to auto the motherboards supply a ridiculous amount of voltage up to 1.5v when idling and it gets super hot even at idle. I do not think it PSU related since my Ryzen 7 1700 I had it at 4ghz with 1.425 Volts and actually even hit up to 100 Watts at times, the 3700x rarely goes past 70 watts and also less voltage. I'm either thinking I got a bad cpu or the bios is buggy for these new CPU's
  7. Cr1z619


    I actually got to cpu to 4.3ghz at 1.25 volts, but same problem if it ever hits 70c it shuts down. very very weird.
  8. Cr1z619


    well i guess these temps are normal from what i've seen in other posts but it still weird that it shuts off at 70-71c not sure which one it is but every time it reached those temps it turned off, i used HW Monitor Core Temp Ryzen Master. all gave same temps vrm temps are fine under 40c everything else is running cool. and the bios is fine i flashed it through the bios itself I have an Asrock x370 Professional gaming.
  9. Cr1z619


    it was 1.5v on all cores at idle. i got it to 4.2ghz manually overclocked at 1.2volts now i figured out why it turns off it turns off at 70c i kept benching everytime i noticed as soon as it hit 70c it turns off. why though. i disabled the over temp limit in bios and it still does it? i been gaming for a few hours on it now max temp was 65c but still why would it shut down at 70c when max temp according to amd is 95c