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  1. Cougar gx-s then. Still haven't pulled the trigger on the $176 vega 56 I found though so then can wait for some cheap 5700 deals to might pop out.
  2. this one SST-ET650-G has OTP as per website but as per this thread it ain't good?? there's this another option too: SSR-550LC around the same price of 2 btw I am also considering to get a vega 56 since I found a very cheap deal on my local used market and I know its much more power hungry but i'll undervolt. edit: cougar gx-s is tier b+ though vs the essential with OTP as per website that is tier B // this psu tier is confusing especially on low budget like me errr. I guess I'll still go with gx-s
  3. thanks so i assume its good to go on my setup? or don't risk on non OTP psus?
  4. How about this: Silver Stone SST, 650watts, Strider Essential, PSU, 80PLUS gold, pn: SST-ET650-G and SST-ET550-G *edit: Also this Cougar 650watts, GXS, PSU, 80 gold, pn: CGR-GS-650 within the same price range too. Found one on my local shop and its just $70. Will use on a 5 3600 / 5700 set up.
  5. Oks. Thank you very much for the big help and discussions!
  6. nope, 6-core user only here since I won't be upgrading resolution anyway. Maybe 1080p240hz in time but not higher than that, current is 1080p144hz And no to expensive GPUs, I barely can't save for 5700/5700xt but its seems they'll do me good for long so I'm starting to save for it. So anyway,, go with mwe gold despite the coil whining as other person said? I believe the tier lost on page one more btw.
  7. buy 5 1600 and save for a nice gpu like 2070s tier if you have a beast gpu then I recommend 3600
  8. I see, i thought the gx-s seems on a good value for a 750w gold though I really eyeing on mwe 650 gold since its more affordable
  9. damn, i guess I'll go with focus gold 550fm? Its the best price for gold psu on my country hope it can handle 3600 and 5700xt edit: looks like focus are bad. might give a try on mwe 650 gold as it is my best option for budget edit2: wait how about Cougar GX-S 750W APFC 80+ Gold PSU for 4500php(roughly $86-87) ??? damn my budget is increasing and increasing T_T
  10. i see, so any good below $70 550w can you recommend? you can look on the link on my previous comment because that's the shop I would be buying, $70 is around 3600-3700php on my country.
  11. thanks! seems like sub 70 that is safe for my soon to be rig is hard to find
  12. Yes i think so too that's why i didn't mention that at first despite being GOLD and good value, how about this Corsair CX Series CX650M 80Plus around 77 bucks on my country too (4020php)
  13. I'll be using 3600 + 5700/5700xt in that's why I'm aiming at 650w. How about focus gold seasonic? its $77 on my country
  14. I think this is my best go https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-bronze-650/ Around $70 on my country. Can't really find any decent one for good price.