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  1. after googling for another hour the other day i found a website that had some code to run and it reconstructed it (i dont know how to more accurately phrase it) but it fixed the problem. I did try to rebuild the index prior but that didnt help. thank you guys for tryin to help
  2. I attempted to overclock my cpu and after tinkering with the bios I decided to just reset it in case I did something wrong. I did and it booted to windows normally. Apps open as they should but one thing doesn't work, the windows search on the taskbar. I tried all the windows troubleshooting stuff for it. I reset index or whatever and I tried restarting the service in services. I did the windows troubleshooter for it but as expected it didnt work. I checked for updates and installed them, but they didn't fix it either after restarting. It worked before, doesnt work now. If I click the icon it opens for .5 seconds then closes. If I hit the windows key and start typing nothing happens. If anyone knows what to do please help. Its not incredibly essential so I'm not reinstalling windows over this so please leave that option out.
  3. I think so too, but they made it clear that it's something with my computer because the cable is receiving 1gb. They said they aren't liable for issues with the customers hardware and can't offer support for it
  4. The guy was here and during the Xfinity speed test it was outputting 960 Mbps to my pc. I had screenshots of my computer reaching 960 input from task manager. I can't seem to replicate these speeds out of the Xfinity test though.
  5. I'm using the modem/router unit that Xfinity rents you when you sign up with them. I'm testing speeds with speedtest.net and the Google one.
  6. He linked into the router. He tested with both his cable, and my cable that I was only able to get 180 mb down on
  7. So I upgraded my connection with my isp to 1 gigabit. While I understand that I wont get all 1 gigabit, I had hoped for more than the 180 mbps download speeds over Ethernet. I'm using a cat7 cable straight from my router, which the Xfinity guy tested to reach 991 mbps, and I plug it in to my MSI Trident X. The trident x has a realtek pcie gigabit Ethernet controller so I know it is capable of more than 180 mbps. I updated my drivers and used windows troubleshooter, and that's where my knowledge ends. My trident x is specced with a Core i9 9900K, 32 gb of ddr4 RAM, a 500gb ssd, a 2 tb hard drive, and a 2080ti(not that the latter 3 should make a difference but whatever). The Xfinity guy said it was out of his realm of knowledge, and since the router itself works and reaches a gigabit over ethernet on his test machine its not xfinity's problem. Is there something in windows I have to change to reach any higher than 180 mbps?