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  1. Unfortunately i haven't. The stutter still happens and mostly now on the witcher 3. I don't even know anymore cause i have games that work pretty well and others work like s***.
  2. I tried this yesterday but games keep stuttering. I'm beginning to think this could be a RAM, motherboard or CPU issue but i don't know how to identificate them. Yesterday i run MEMTEST86 and didn't throw any errors. I don't have any alternative hardware to try, how can i verify this?
  3. No man, impossible. I had this problems with my old Gtx 1070 and i replaced my graphics card last saturday for an RTX 2080. It's impossible the cause is the graphics card.
  4. No problem man, thank you for everything. I'm gonna keep looking.
  5. I tried the witcher on my OS drive and stutters less. Now it doesn´t feel like a full stutter but a microstutter instead. However, it stutters lol. The thing is on my larger SSD (Where i had the 'major' stutter problems) i have installed GTA V, FIFA 19, FIFA 20 DEMO and they all work great. How can i know if it's a hardware failure?
  6. Tested CS GO and it's the same stutter, so i guess it's not the ram this time. Yet i must say that when i didn't have the XMP enabled i installed CS GO on my main SSD where i have installed the OS and i felt the game smoother. Now when i enabled this XMP the game started to stutter again. No clue at all, maybe it's my disk but i'm not certain tho. I should install the witcher on my main SSD and try it, i don't know.
  7. This is strange... look at the dram frequency. Is that okay?
  8. They are on the correct spots, the 2nd and the 4th. I activated it but do i have to adjust the memory DRAM frequency to 'Auto' or put 3000 too?
  9. I don't think i have it enable. What does XMP stands for?
  10. Yes but i already tried doing that many times and no program what so ever caused my games to stutter. This is crazy
  11. No problem man, i'll try a few more things. Thanks for your time and your suggestions, i really appreciate it.