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  1. They worked just fine, phew! Had all sorts of problems fitting it all in this dang case or i should say setting everything up without any visible wires and making the power cables reach everything ugh.
  2. Water cooler is here and I jacked the back plate from the m3a32 and all the holes lined up and i'm just praying this gigabyte mobo doesn't have some weird thing that stops me from installing it! I'll report back when/if it works.... to myself I guess. ROFL
  3. Yep, it's not anywhere around here apparently. I can't believe that's like the only freaking computer part that I've ever thrown away! This isn't going to help my computer parts hoarding issues lol.
  4. Okay, so... this is the second thread that I think I posted and answered on my own ROFL. So, on Noctura's website, I see they had a post asking how to tell if it's a regular AMD back plate and gave a list of motherboards, all three of mine are on there! https://noctua.at/en/support/compatibility-lists/mainboard That's for making their coolers compatible with others. I hope this all works out because I"m going to have to tear my whole PC apart, but I can't complain too much I got a Cooler Master Storm Trooper white case the other day for $45 in new condition and an Enermax Liqtech 240mm AIO for $40 in great condition, but the guy had it on an intel, we had all but the spacer which Enermax is sending in the mail which will be here Saturday, but I don't want to wait and I bought the EVGA CLC 280 which is great that it seems to just mount to the stock back plate, but I don't have it. I'm going to dig further to see if I still have the M2N SLI Deluxe's plate first because that board is on it's way out, but it has an okay-ish proc in it currently. When the EVGA cooler shows up (guaranteed by 9PM and it's 730) I can try the AMD threaded adapters in the good board before tearing it apart at least. Lame lame lame. Oh well I got the Mobo Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3, Kuhler 620 AIO, and an AMD Phenom II X4 955 like 5 or more years ago for $150 I guess I can't complain much and I put some RAM (16GB Black Friday $100) SSDs in there and the FX-8350 ($80) and Nvidia 1660 GTX XC Ultra ($250) recently that's actually a pretty dang good gaming system for my needs for not much. Well, and now the $120 for the 280mm cooler. Sorry for my self posting and rambling, I'm stressed out even though I've built many dozens of PCs I've never had to worry about this situation. Its not like I won't be able to use my PC if I need to leave the Kuhler on there its been on the 8350 for many months and i've only had one shutdown and a few mobo beeps here and there haha.
  5. UGH! Just found a YT video showing it has a custom back plate for the original v8 I can't believe I tossed that back plate, I keep sooo much junk. Time to go dig through PC boxes. I guess worst case scenario is I just take apart the nice pretty much brand new AM2 motherboard and use it's back plate or see if it fits. I think I just answered my own question though, if my AMD heat sinks have fit on all of my prior boards (stock) they should all have the same back plate, right? This is so lame. The board that's not in use - the nicer AM2 is an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe board. I guess, best case scenario is the back plate fits my new system and I just put that 120 AIO on that board or sell it with it if I ever do anything with it LOL.
  6. So, I bought a used mobo/proc/AIO cooler (preinstalled) and have upgraded my processor past what the 120mm will deal with (FX-8350) and an old AIO. I just bought a new EVGA CLC 280 and it doesn't come with a backplate for the AMD installs... great. Never looked at the back and I'm about to get the 280 in the mail in like 2 hours and I have a new case to move everything into also (with a GIGANTIC hole behind the proc at least thank god!). My PC has a Kuhler 620 installed and from the install guide it looks like the stock backplate is not used and the guy that sold me the mobo didn't give me that piece and its been MANY years so that's a no-go. HOWEVER, I have two AM2 motherboards, one with an original Cooler Master v8 installed which for the life of me I can't find the box or the install guide for even online - i thought my Google-foo was good :(. Anyway, The PC w/ the V8 has a bad power supply and has been in that state for a long time and will probably stay that way, but I do have a power supply that I could put on, but I'm hoping someone can give me the courage to tear apart that rig to pull the back plate and install it on my AM3 motherboard. Anybody done this before? I also have an essentially brand new AM2 board I haven't taken out of the box that i'd rather not tear apart, but we'll see I guess. The PC w/ the V8 if it still has the stock back is an ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe board which has two bad lan ports and I might just junk it and put my newer AM2 in it's place, but I'm not sure yet. Does that have a standard backplate that would fit on my AM3 mobo a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev1.1? Any reassurance would be wonderful. Thanks
  7. LOL thanks at least someone replied when I was done. I'll take measurements for the hell of it when it arrives since that was my original post, but Enermax was on the ball with the help. I guess I'll post a result if I get the part. After the emails back and forth with support, I got a response from their Taiwan helpdesk saying to call the local support line to me which I did originally and was told to place a ticket. They didn't ask for money, just my address so at least I'll have a backup 240mm AIO to put on one of my old AMD boards. Hopefully this EVGA one works out fine. Shipping says it'll be here on Saturday CA to WA shipping. Hopefully I don't have any issues installing the EVGA cooler when it gets here in a few hours because I'm moving my whole PC over to the new box. I bought this board used with the current AIO already installed and nobody shows installing it on an AMD board so I don't know if anything was removed that'll be needed for this install when the original owner installed the Kuhler. I guess worst case scenario is I put the PC into the new case w/ the Kuhler still installed, there is a GIGANTIC hole in the back of the Cooler Master case to access the back of the board. I'm sure it'll be fine, but everything shows a custom ring for AMD or Intel, but just one supporting back plate. Fingers crossed it works out!
  8. Well, that went super quick. I just contacted Enermax and they sent out the part for me...well it will be sent out I already got a tracking number. However, I didn't want to wait a couple days to install a 5 year old water cooler so I bought an EVGA CLC 280 on Amazon which will be here tomorrow. I had some birthday money, but it doesn't hurt to have another cooler around as I'm all AMD systems here.
  9. One more thing... sorry... As far as I can tell the 120 and 240 use the exact same hardware. I'm going to call the company when they open tomorrow and see what options there are for replacement parts.
  10. Here is a link to the manual... https://www.enermax.com/files/ProductFile_eng/PF_File/666.pdf It's part "D" I'm wondering about. Sucks, I got the case and we didn't do the water cooler first, then I went to Fry's and they had an Enermax Liqtech II 280 black that was a return and it was missing the spring screws!!! Covered in thermal compound too and only $5 off WTFudge... Anyway this guy had the same one at his place when I went back, but it was on an active system so I have this old one in a case of one I tried to get and realized the back plate was universal and we were able to get the swappable attachment arms for the older one and not a different newer Enermax system I was hoping for the new one from the guy still ike $80 less than it would have cost. Too bad couldn't find the back plate or arms for that one. Even if I gotta rig something up for that spacer I can't complain for $40!
  11. I just got one of these coolers from a guy on CL and I got it with everything ($40!!!) but he used it on his Intel board and I need to put it on my AMD, but it shows that there should be a plastic spacer to put between the backplate and the mobo. Does anybody know where the heck I can find one of these or if someone has one of these could you possibly help with measurements of the thickness? I might just put kapton tape on the mobo bracket so there is no shorts and make a spacer I just need to know how thick it needs to be. HELP! Also, man I scored this guy kicked butt... he sold me a Cooler Master Stryker (SGC-5000W-KWN1) I guess it's the White Storm trooper case? In perfect condition for $45 USD! I couldn't believe my luck. I have an AMD FX-8350 running on an Antek h20 kuhler 620 120mm and it can't really keep up. I mean, it sort of does, but I felt safer going to a 240mm AIO and couldn't pass up that one for $40 but I'm not sure about the spacer. I'm going to transfer my PC to the new case tomorrow, but might leave the Kuhler on there until I figure out the spacer issue or maybe put my Cooler Master original V8 - probably just leave the Kuhler AIO for now.