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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place... My friend has a ~7 year old Gaming PC that, other than a SSD upgrade, has been unchanged. He hasn't had the time or money to make any upgrades in the meantime. Apparently small children cost money? (/s for those who need it to understand sarcasm) This year I convinced his wife, parents, and a friend to help me and each buy a different part to get him a base for a new build (CPU, MOBO, RAM, PSU) for the holidays this year, but now he's telling me that he's finally saving up to get a new build started. He's been asking me for advice about what he should look to buy on black friday/cyber monday. Knowing what's going to happen, but not trying to spoil anything, I've been trying to convince him that he should get a decent GPU for his current build that he can use when he gets the other parts. He's pretty tech savy for the average person(can identify all the pc internals and what they do), but he's not up to date on current hardware, nvidia(or intel) vs amd, pricing, etc. He trusts my opinion when it comes to hardware, but since I've been telling him he needs a new CPU/MOBO for the last few years(I know, right..), he's not entirely sold on the sudden change to get a GPU instead. What semi-bullshit reasons can I use to make my friend believe he just needs a good GPU and nothing else (for the time being) so he doesn't ruin his own christmas?
  2. First time posting here, sorry if I'm breaking any rules... My current router is looking likes it's no longer up to the task of my house. I feel like I know enough about networking to be dangerous, but I have know idea what hardware to get to solve my problems. I'm in a 2 story/3 bedroom house with 2 family members, one of them with an alzhiemers type illness (semi important later) What's currently on my network. -My Gaming desktop which needs low latency, but unfortunately is in a location where ethernet is currently not an option, so it has a PCIe wifi card. -Gaming laptop that runs when a friend comes over. -NAS that hosts a plex server. -A work destop that has light/medium web surfing. -two smart tvs that can run Netflix/Plex. -4 wifi(2.4Ghz) security cameras that constant write on the NAS. I believe that the biggest strain is the 4 Cameras that have pretty much killed the 2.4 Ghz connection. I've added them because of a family member with "alzhiemers" tends to not remember details or embelishes them. He has many caregivers/therapists come to help him, and he tends to accuse them of doing things. Most have been proven blatently false thanks to the cameras, but one acusation was proven very much true, thanks to the cameras. I don't really have a way to run an ethernet cable from the current router to where they are set up, and the cameras only have a 2.4Ghz connection. My thought was to create a Mesh Network with Google Wifi, and use the domes to connect ethernet connections to the cameras, but I'm afraid of my gaming setup taking a huge hit, and if I have domes too close that could cause other problems. Sorry for the wall of text. Any help would be great.