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    970gtx unless I manage to change it
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    ViperX 6 pipe chrome with diamond paste
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    Cheapest one I could find
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    Some sound bar I found at target. It has an optical connection which I ise
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    Win8.1 now win10
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    17” MacBook Pro it’s really old. Haven’t touched it in years. The battery is probably gone.

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  1. I don’t know where exactly the problem is, but if the problem is the TV It’s much more likely to be the design of that model than a flaw in a particular unit. I guess I trust factory workers more than marketers. You are trusting the implication that the thing can be used with a PC at 4K for anything other than movies in the first place. I remain unconvinced. It’s real possible you know more about how the electronics in these things work than I do. I also think that the people who made the TV know more about electronics than I do and they sell big 4K TVs for a whole lot less money than they sell big 4K monitors even though they do basically they same thing. Unless it is arranged that they don’t.
  2. You said you replaced your tv with one of an identical model. I replied to that statement that if the tv was the problem an identical model likely wouldn’t change anything. You then said it wasn’t the tv. Perhaps I was replying to an earlier post and hadnt read down far enough yet to where you determined the tv wasn’t the problem. I don’t know. I’m just as confused here I guess.
  3. I know nothing about pricing. Best is a hard one. What is “purity?” What do you want to remove from the air? Bad is also a hard one. Why is the air bad? If it’s actual gasses you may be hosed. It usually isn’t though. One option is air filtration: There are two kinds: electro static and paper filter. Electrostatic uses lots of electricity and has to be wiped down occasionally. Filters use filters. Both filter particulates but not gasses. Filter is better for pollen if you use a HEPA filter, electrostatic is better for smoke, neither one works on carbon monoxide. The more you pay the more CFM a filter can do generally. One of the most powerful filter ones is also one of the earliest. The Honeywell round ring filter ones. I’ve got bad allergies so I’m the spring I set up a big old Honeywell ring filter and I can really tell the difference when I leave the house. Another is ozone generators. ozone is O3 rather than O2. It oxidizes stuff. Burns it. It’s good for odors, but in useful amounts it tends to be expensive. Also ozone isn’t particularly good for people. It will burn us too. I had a friend who is very sensitive to hydrocarbons. The “new car smell” of her new car was actually making her sick. So the car company put an ozone generator in it for a couple of days and it removed the new car smell. It was a pretty expensive machine though.
  4. I don’t know if it’s better or not. It might be better, it might be worse. This is airflow. It’s analog. There are some very general rules, but a lot of it is going to be how the air happens to swirl in that case with those fans and those parts in that configuration. It’s complicated enough that people build wind tunnels to check airflow. Only recently have supercomputers even gotten powerful enough to model airflow and they still do testing in wind tunnels to verify it. When I did the airflow on my case I wound up buying more than half a dozen different fans and wound up with 5 actually in the case.
  5. I would say if it’s the tv it’s likely going to be the same problem with the same model.
  6. The idea with fans is to create air flow. If you have a 2/1 split that’s pretty uneven pressure. Adding 2 more fans, 1 in and one more out would make more neutral air flow. Adding just the one might create more airflow in a particular place. You’d have to experiment.
  7. There’s positive pressure, negative pressure, and neutral pressure. With one in one out you have a fairly neutral pressure case. Possibly a hair one way or the other depending on how the case is laid out. With 2 up front you have positive pressure. There are advantages, mostly having to do with dust, and negative ones.
  8. Ah. I was looking at a lot of stuff from 2013 (stupid ancient Korean grey market monitor) so that makes sense
  9. Went out of fashion 500 years ago. Most places at least.
  10. Jesuits. That makes sense. Many jesuits have PHDs
  11. -overclock.net (is that dying btw? I’m seeing all kinds of “this forum will be removed” warnings) -e-cigarette-forum.com (has a mild political troll problem) -vaping underground.com (this one I can barely handle. It seems to be chok full of political trolls)