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  1. Simple question Will a 32 inch monitor make the gpu work harder compared to a 27 inch just because it's larger, or is only the frame rate and resolution the deciding factor?
  2. Skimmed through it a bit, but it doesn't quite apply to my situation. I'm not as limited on the pricing as the video is intended for and I'm looking for the genuinely best you can get for the price. Thanks anyway!
  3. Woah, that's some serious dedication. I will definitely take this list into consideration. Thank you so much!
  4. Most reviews of most monitors aren't very informative about whether there's any ghosting or not, if there's noticable flickering or if there's a noticable delay in response time. Looking for the best value 1080p 144hz monitor preferably with freesync Willing to go up to around $350, but preferably under $300 I live in Sweden, and things aren't so much local as it is in the US, so please take that into account.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for your help, I sincerely really appreciate it.
  6. I'm not so fixated on the gpu either, is there a specific one I should buy whilst taking my budget into consideration?
  7. As I mentioned, I'm a newcomer and really don't know much of what to get. $1 = 9,64 sek So my budget's pretty much 15.000kr
  8. I live in southern Sweden. No specific reason to get a 6700k, I just don't really know what's best for me, specifically with my budget. This is the specific gpu I mentioned https://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-GeForce-Graphics-Windforce-GV-N207SGAMING/dp/B07TV9CLL5/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=rtx+2070+super&qid=1567972448&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  9. So for the past few weeks I've been planning on building my first pc within the next few months, and I want the best performance I can get. Looking at an i7 6700k. The gpu (Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC) being priced at a little more than $650 where I'm located seems like a logical alternative in my inexperienced eyes, but I'm rather unsure. Would it be worth it/a good idea to get cheaper components in exchange for a better cpu and gpu? If I can make any improvements in any way, please let me know Sorry if this is in the wrong category, didn't really know which one to post it in.