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  1. I tried with a 750ti and a different psu - still the same - also tried different ram - only one stick of ram and so on
  2. So I just finished my first mITX build but I don’t get any video output. I have tried with different monitors and GPUs still no signal. this is the build r5 3600 1660Ti 16gb vengeance 3200 node 202 w/ 450w bronze Gigabyte b450 aorous wifi 500gb wd m.2
  3. i have no games what so ever open, what to do?
  4. So im playing a lot of heavier games, like GTA V, Destiny 2 in 1080 or 1440 and im also planning on playing the New CoD. I was wondering if my 1500x will be okay with the msi mech 5700 (non-xt). I just bought and im willing to upgrade if necessary. I was just wondering if it was worth it to upgrade to the r5 3600 (non-x) Rig: r5 1500x - (stock cooler ) msi mech 5700 Hyperx predator 3200 16gb asus prime b350 plus 500 gb samsung 860 evo ssd corsair cx550m
  5. Would it be worth it to pick up a Ryzen 3 1200 I can get it for nothing, or maybe a faster fm2+ CPU?
  6. Hey i have a 1060 3gb and an A10 8750 laying around, and i was wondering if i could make a gaming rig out of it. My plan is to play some GTA 5 and a few other AAA games, but other than that its just light gaming. So my question is, will the GPU be held back and if so, will it be by alot?