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  1. I'm getting around fluctuating between 68 to 70 so it good. I'm set to Medium ( Graphics, 50% Render scale, and everything else is on the lowest level within the graphics expanded)
  2. oh ok I see Um I don't particularly know what you mean by performance are you getting, or detail level. I have ddr4 2666 mHz
  3. pfft uhhh. My performance target would be to able to play at 70 frames and stream it.
  4. My CPU is a Ryzen 5 2400G and my GPU is a newly obtained Radeon RX 580 OEM I thought this should be fine to run Overwatch but as I play my CPU Utilization (Task Manager) spikes to 68 to 90% and while GPU stays at a cool 20% RAM is at 6.2/6.9 (from two sticks of 4 gigs to make 8 gigs) What's going on and what do I need to do to remedy the situation?
  5. Ahh I see I am using and Integrated Graphics CPU (is this called an iCPU?) the Ryzen 5 2400G. I see the 8 gigs of ram on the RAM tab on the top right and I didn't know some RAM is reserved for the CPU part. Thanks!
  6. When I open up Task Manager, I should see 8 Gigs of RAM but it only shows me 6.9 GB. Is there where I can check why it is like this?