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  1. Yes this is the case, and also the CPU is the one responsible for loading batches and scheduling the GPU, so even if there is no dataprep, the CPU will be used to certain usage, and exactly what operations are performed by deep learning frameworks in the background we dont know that either.
  2. Thanks a lot @VeganJoy will try these solutions out.
  3. @VeganJoy yes it is completely stock, the temperatures do reach around 95 and stay there for some time, Thanks a lot for the reply, tbh I really get uncomfortable when the temps are that high, this with a cooling pad beneath.
  4. @Jurrunio Thank you for the reply, so are the CPU temps a mojor concern, or is it okay to let it linger around 90 degree celsius for around 6-8 hours, the critical temps for the cpu is 100C
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply, I wanted to know how adverse is the effect on life, If it goes bad outside warranty
  6. Hello all, I run a ASUS ROG Strix SCAR III (i7 9750H with RTX 2070 configuration), and I use it for training deep learning models. All the models train for at least 8 hours and the average temperatures of the CPU and GPU are around 90C and 65-70C respectively. The Power draw of the GPU fluctuates between 80-110W and needless to say, the charger is plugged in throughout. I am concerenced about the life of the components especially the CPU(due to high sustained temperature) and the power delivery component in laptop. Is it safe to continue such use and what would be the impact on life? TIA..